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Filippide Race 02.08.2020

Quick facts

Location Chiaramonte Gulfi, Italy

Distance Marathon

Date 02 Aug 2020

About Filippide Race 02.08.2020

The "ALLA FIDIPPIDE" Marathon takes place on the "PLANATA DEGLI IBLEI" route.

The route takes advantage of a tourist-altimetric peculiarity of connection between one of the landmarks of the mountain area of ​​the Province of Ragusa (the ancient Chiaramonte Gulfì station) and one of the symbolic places of the coastal strip, that is, the Casa del Commissario Montalbano, on the beach of Punta Secca.

The journey begins in front of the ancient station of Chiaramonte Gulfi located on the bottom of Monte Arcibessi at an altitude of 833 meters above sea level. The starting point overlooks the village of Chiaramonte Gulfi, one of the mountain villages of the Province of Ragusa, in a suggestive place nicknamed "The Balcony of Sicily", from which you can see in the distance the whole Gulf and the Piana di Gela from the direction West, and Mount Etna with the surrounding mountains from the East.

The "Planata degli Iblei" is an "In line" Marathon, in practice designed with the same technique as the Marathons of Padua, Treviso, Carpi, Collemarathon; leaving the place "upstream" and arriving in a more "downstream" place.

From the Ancient Station of Chiaramonte Gulfi, the route runs in the direction of Ragusa from the SP n.10 (obtained from the railway track of the old train that in the past connected very slowly the villages of the Iblei Mountains).

Altimetricamente is very inviting: a long glide from "TUTTA DRITTA" that drops gently to 1 or 2% to 620 meters above sea level of the entrance roundabout in Ragusa. In this stretch of the route, the landscape is typical of the Hyblaean plateau: "A Tavolato", with the locks and dry stone walls to be the master, with the "CAVE" in the distance peeping out: those typical rocky canyons, real inlets a forra boschiva, characteristics of this area of ​​Sicily.

And one by one descending gently from the provincial you can see the Cava Volpe, the Cava del Paradiso, the Misericordia, the Cava dei Modicani or the Cava Celone, all sites full of charm and ancient history, with necropolis of various ages.

In this section, the track also touches points of the path of the January ragusa marathon.

At this point there are small "Eat and drink" tears of 50-100 meters (bumps or short overpasses) that break the sweetness of the glide a little bit. Then, past the outskirts of Ragusa, take the small road of C.da Majorana, which leads into a picturesque plateau dominated by massaria and dry stone walls.

You dive and arrive in Tresauro, where there will be one of the 2 real altimetric variations of this race "Alla Filippide" / Planata degli Iblei; 400 meters to 2.5% of a gutter connecting two valleys; beyond which the landscape begins to take more its form of sweet "hill slope", with the sea horizon approaching more and more.

Another stretch in planata from the countryside of the Serramezzana plateau, with a short dirt road, up to the other variation of a certain relief 100 meters to 3-4% before reaching the suggestive coppice of another of the most spectacular places in the Province Ragusa: The Castle of DONNAFUGATA, which immediately brings to mind "II Gattopardo" by Tommasi di Lampedusa, both literary and cinematographic, as well as the many television fictions: from Commissioner Montalbano to others.

After passing the summit of the Castle of Donnafugata (a sumptuous baronial mansion, now the Museum of the City of Ragusa), the path continues to descend in the direction of Santa Croce Camerina, with its landscape full of olive and carob trees, which fill the vast estates of the forest almost like a forest. feud of Donnafugata.

After the roundabout of the SP to Comiso, you plunge into the countryside of the village of Santa Croce Camerina, with the path that keeps in constant descent, apart from a short stretch in white soil.

With the wish of GOOD FUN to all those who want to honor it in full respect of the Olympic spirit in the name of the fateful



  • 42.195km

Filippide fitwalking

  • 42.195km


After Race Services

At the end of the race there will be a rich refreshment.

Age Limit

Athletes who are 18 years of age can participate.

Equipment Storage

At "Antica Stazione" Chiaramonte Gulfi within 4.15. Beyond this time the service will not be guaranteed.

Maximum Time

6 hours.


Shuttle bus transfer for athletes from the place of arrival (Punta Secca) to the place of departure (Chiaramonte Gulfi).


97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi, Province of Ragusa, Italy


S.P. 102 Km.1, 97019 Contrada Cammarana, Ragusa RG, Italy

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