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Quick facts

Location Placencia, Belize

Distance Ultra marathon - 200km


Welcome to Jungle Marathon, and our brand new adventure- Escape from the Jungle.

Jungle Marathon, the pioneer of Jungle races, has created an exhilarating  new challenge, offering the opportunity to combine skill, sport and eco tourism in a new survival race.

Imagine being dropped in a  remote part of the jungle, and having to use your survival skills to get you to the finish line? Finding your food, procuring water, building shelter, navigating and running  through dense jungle, across rivers, through caves,  swamps and villages and encountering all the obstacles that nature can throw at you along the way?


After six days of intensive jungle survival training held by our special forces instructors, you will be dropped into the deep jungle  in the dark, with a map, compass and compulsory kit and will have six days to reach the finish line using your skills, your speed and your navigation. You will cover a distance of over 200k.

Yes, physical fitness is a requirement- but if you don’t have strong mental tenacity to combine with it then you will struggle to reach the finish.

If you are ready for one of the most mind-blowing experience of your life, sign up today and join us in February 2020 in the jungles of Belize , Central America, for the inaugural edition of Escape from the Jungle.


Jungle Marathon

  • 200km

Team Escape from the Jungle

  • 42.195km



If you arrive early, There are plenty of hotels, guest houses and AirBnB in Placencia.

Age Limit

All competitors must be at the age 18 years or over.

Aid Stations

These will located throughout the jungle, generally a team will pass a waypoint once per day, depending on their speed. There will be cut-off times/days to reach the waypoints to ensure teams can cover the distance in the time allocated.Medical assistance will be provided at waypoints (unless in a  case of emergency).Teams must leave the waypoints within one of hour of arrival, they are not permitted to stay overnight at waypoints.We have outstanding medical support. Our excellent medical team are all wilderness medicine trained. You will be able to seek medical assistance at the compulsory  waypoints, and medical support is available immediately for an emergency situation.


You need to have a reasonable level of fitness, but mental tenacity is as important as physical fitness.

Race Kit Includes

Hammock- look for a light weight version and make sure it has a mosquito net and rain cover too / Backpack: 25l minimumMachete: This should have a leather sheaf / Water bottles or camel bak: we suggest a capacity of a minimum of 3 litres per person / Water proof bags: for the interior of your backpack. Alternatively you may bring a large waterproof back that your entire pack fits inside / Compass: This will be your only navigation tool. Please note that GPS are forbidden and any competitor using a GPS in any form will be disqualified.Emergency Whistle:/ Cooking - Eating kit: mess tin and spoon / Torch and two sets of spare batteries / First aid kit: contents to be defined by the medical teamWater purification tablets: enough for 10 litres per day for 14 days / Essential survival and repair kit: details to be defined by the course instructors / Safety and emergency kit: To include 1 spot Gen 3 device per team with subscription activated and further emergency kit as defined by course instructors / Basic food kit: you will be responsible for procuring your own food but each competitor may start with 2kg of rice / Food supplies for during the training course: details to be confirmed.


All competitors are required to bring sufficient food for the training course. During the race, competitors will be procuring their own food, and start the race with 2kg of rice per person. It is the individual competitor’s responsibility to purify their water, manage their water intake and prevent dehydration. Water must be sourced from rivers and stream, though each competitor will start the race with 3litres of water each.


Teams will be ranked and times indicated in hours and minutes .


Placencia, Belize

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.