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Antwerp Runners' lab Night Run

Quick facts

Location Antwerp, Belgium

Distance 10 km

Date 15 Sep 2018

About Antwerp Runners' lab Night Run

The Runners’ lab Night Run Antwerp is a unique experience and the ideal mix of sport, fun and surprise. The + -9 kilometer course through the Antwerp Rivierenhof guarantees a fairytale spectacle of fire, light, mysticism and sound, but is also as dark as the night and is only illuminated in a few crucial places! Every Runners ‘lab Night Run ner therefore runs with a headlight and a Runners’ lab Night Run T-shirt. You will receive both the headlight and the T-shirt at your registration! We invite everyone to walk with this Runners’ lab Night Run oufit. This way you contribute to the unique atmosphere!


Aid Stations

Halfway through the course there is a supply of cups of water and on arrival you will be offered an energy drink. In the Running Village in Sportpark Ruggeveld there will also be a few food & beverage stands.

Equipment Storage

From 7:00 pm you can hand in your sports bag to the tent 'storage place sports bags'. There will be a numbered sticker stuck to your bag. The same number is also stuck on your chest number. After walking you can only retrieve your sports bag on presentation of your chest number with 'vestiairesticker'.


There is a chip in your chest number that ensures time registration. However, the emphasis is not on the match data. Experience is central during this concept.

Antwerp Runners' lab Night Run Route Map

Antwerp Runners' lab Night Run Route Map




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