St Luke's Via Marathon

13 set 2020 (Sun)


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Join us for the LVHN Via Marathon and raise money for Via’s services for children and adults with disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Serving the community since 1952, Via’s helps individuals and families from birth through retirement to gain life skills, obtain meaningful employment and develop social connections. The opportunity to succeed for each child and adult begins with you! The 5K, 2-mile walk, and kids’ race will be on Saturday, September 8 at ArtsQuest Center at the SteelStacks. The half-marathon, marathon relay, and marathon will be on Sunday, September 9 and will end at Scott Park in Easton. There’s something for everyone!

Punti salienti del corso

This flat course starts marathon runners and relay teams at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. Maybe an odd location to start, but it’s easy to find and has plenty of parking. Scenic, shady and a net elevation drop of 240’  make it an attractive qualifying run for the Boston Marathon. The median runner’s time for the past few years has been under 4 hours. The half marathon starts at the marathon’s midpoint and is run from Bethlehem to Easton. The course is divided into 5 legs.

Leg 1 - 6.2 mile
Lehigh Valley Hospital, Cedar Crest & I-78 (Allentown) to Martin Luther King Dr. & S. 4th St. (Allentown)
(All hard surface).

  • Mile 1 – A loop out from the Lehigh Valley Hospital parking lot, through a quiet neighborhood. Very flat. All macadam surface.
  • Mile 2 – This mile is fast. It features a significant downhill section on a wide roadway. Watch your speed. All macadam surface.
  • Mile 3 – Scenic. You will cross a covered bridge (wooden surface) and a small pedestrian bridge. All macadam surface. Flat terrainMile 4 – Through the Lehigh Parkway, over the Robin Hood Bridge (small bridge, steel surface.) All macadam surface. Flat terrain.
  • Mile 5 – Over the Schreiber Bridge, (small bridge, macadam surface) and on to Martin Luther King Blvd. All macadam surface. Flat Terrain.
  • Mile 6 – Through south Allentown, PA on the streets. Over the Hamilton Street Bridge, (larger bridge, concrete surface.) Flat terrain.

Leg 2 - 5.8 miles
Martin Luther King Dr. & S. 4th St. (Allentown) to Main & Lehigh St. (Bethlehem)
2.1 miles on paved road, 3.7 miles on cinder trail (ends at mile marker 12.1)

  • Mile 7 – Slightly downhill to Canal Park and on to the Delaware & Lehigh Canal Path.
  • Mile 8 thru 12 – On to the Delaware & Lehigh Canal Path. Cinder surface. Very flat. Narrow area.

Leg 3 - 4.8 miles
Main & Lehigh St. (Bethlehem) to Canal Park, Main St. & Lockhouse Rd. (Freemansburg)
3.2 miles on cinder trail, 1.6 miles on paved road (ends at mile marker 16.8).

  • Mile 13 – Through the city of Bethlehem, PA. on the streets, except a 100 yard cinder section through historic Bethlehem. Flat terrain.
  • Mile 14 thru 16 – Back on the D & L Canal Path. Mostly cinder surface, but a few grass surface spots. Narrow. Flat terrain.

Leg 4 - 5.8 miles
Canal Park, Main St. & Lockhouse Rd. (Freemansburg) to Riverview Park, Lehigh Dr. (Palmer Township)
3.0 miles on cinder trail, 0.4 miles on dirt road, 2.4 miles on paved bike trail (ends at mile marker 22.6).

  • Mile 16 thru 20 – Back on the D & L Canal Path. Mostly cinder surface, but a few grass surface spots. Narrow. Flat terrain.
  • Mile 21 – Starts with a gravel roadway 0.7 miles long, then a short macadam surface followed by a short grassy surface. Uphill at the start.

Leg 5 - 3.6 miles
Riverview Park, Lehigh Dr. (Palmer Township) to Scott Park, Larry Holmes Dr. (Easton) 
3.6 miles on paved surfaces (ends at mile marker 26.2).

  • Mile 22 thru 26.2 – All hard surface (concrete or macadam) on the D & L Canal Path. Over the Glendon Bridge and the Smith Bridge. From mile marker #22 it’s a gentle downhill run to the confluence of the Lehigh & Delaware Rivers finishing in Scott Park, Easton, PA.

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Mappa del percorso

directions_runIndirizzo di partenza: Bethlehem,us

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St Luke's Via Marathon Mappa del percorso

Informazioni pratiche

Servizi post-gara

Food is available for participants at the finish. Food and water at exchanges and Finish Festival is for runners and volunteers only. Please have bib # or volunteer shirt visible to receive food. The Finish Festival ends at noon however, food and beverages will be available until 1pm.

Limite di età

The minimum age to participate in the LVHN Via Marathon, Half Marathon and Team Relay is 18 years old. LVHN Via Marathon, Half Marathon and Team Relay are USATF sanctioned races; USATF age requirements are 18 years and older. The 5K Run is open to runners age 13 and older. Via Kids Races are ages 2 to 12 years. The Via Walk is open to all ages.

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Water Stations are located throughout the course every 1.5 to 2 miles. View Course Map for locations. Water Stations provide Gatorade Endurance Formula and water in cups. Each exchange point will also feature Power Bars and Power Gels (the official energy product of the LVHN Via Marathon).

Servizio di deposito

A bag check is provided at the start of the Marathon/Relay, Half Marathon and 5K Run. Runners will be provided with a tear off tag on their race bibs to attach to their bag. Zip ties will be available at the Expo to attach your tag. Please affix tag prior to arriving at Bag Check on race day. Once runners have completed the race, bags can be picked up at the Finish Festival.



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St Luke's Via Marathon

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