V Trail Laos

20-21 nov 2021 (Sat - Sun)


Ultramaratona - 85km, Ultramaratona - 52km, 30km, 14km, 8km

V Trail Laos

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Just hear about “Vang Vieng”, your heart certainly leaps with joy. We will lead trail runners to gain new experiences that are distinctly different from anywhere. The first thing that our race direction mentioned is about the true nature which is difficult to find in the present time, perceiving indigenous cultures such as cooking rice by using a bamboo tube, cooking with firewood, going hiking to find food in the early morning, using natural water, hiking in sandals, and hiking over the mountain around 300 – 400 meters of 3-year-old children for instance. 

There are numerous things that cannot be described on a page. However, it solely depends on you to decide to visit the place. Appreciating beauty usually gains with difficulty. It is widely known among trail runners that no gain without pain. It is certainly advised to come well prepared for this endurance adventure.

For those who have never been a chilling backpacker, please read carefully!

This is our 3rd consecutive year to organize the “Vang Vieng Trail” event with unexpected, awesome and fun experiences you have never had before. 

The trail track is designed under the beyond imagination theme where you can embrace the incredible scenery of the mountain behind Pha Tao Village. It is the unseen and amazing place where you could not believe that you are standing on the earth. It’s another great way to escape from hasty life and indulge in wonderful territory popularly known as “Beautiful Vang Vieng” 

In addition, other tourists are also invited to visit the trail we legally crafted under the law of Laos.

We have created an unforgettable memory every year. This year, our 3rd consecutive year will be another year to remember.

1 of Asia Trail Masters in Laos

8 Km cross country

14 Km 1025 m+

30 Km 2383 m+

52 Km 3,000m+

85Km 5,129m+

This is how the trail looks like:

1. No concrete, cement or asphalt 

2. Cold at night, hot during day. But perfect weather amid the forest 

3. Glove is more important than trekking pole

4. Even though this trail running seems to be tough, but once you are there you would feel you were in heaven thanks to the abundant and beautiful forest 

5. You shouldn’t miss if you love real trail

8 kilometers: No hiking

14 kilometers: Gradual hiking but shouldn’t take a break for too long

30 kilometers: Extreme and exhilarating 

52 kilometers: Getting harder and tougher

85 kilometers: Difficulty level is as same as Koh Chang UTKC 100

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Course details

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ITRA Certification

Start address: Vientiane, Laos

Finish address: Vientiane, Laos

Incluso nella tariffa

  • Bib number
  • Accident Insurance
  • Event t-shirt (to receive on the day of bib pickup; no delivery by mail)
  • Finisher t-shirt for V14, V30, V52 and V85 runners (exclusively for those who complete the race in time and followed all the rules and regulations)
  • Medal (exclusively for runners who complete the race in time and followed all the rules and regulations)

Informazioni pratiche


RECOMMENDED HOTELInthira Hotel: Official hotel of Vang Vieng TrailGPS Location: is reservation link:

Limite di età

At least 18 years old


Finishers Medals. Trophies will be awarded to the top 5 overall male and female in all categories. There is no competition in V8 race.

Servizio di deposito

V8, V14, V30 and V52 runners can leave or pick up their luggage on 21 st November 2020 from 05:00 am to 04:30 pm on 22nd November 2020. A bag drop at checkpoint is only provided for V85 participants and it is located on KM 52 and KM 58(same area). V85 runners can leave their luggage on the day of bib collection only and can take it back after the cut off time of that CP.

Tempo massimo

32h (V85), 22h (V52), 10h (V30), 6h (V14), 3h (V8)

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Bib number, Accident Insurance, Event t-shirt, Finishers Medals.


FREE SHUTTLE SERVICEPick up Location: Inthira Hotel,


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V Trail Laos

schedule Annullamento del biglietto 24h

local_activity Offerte e sconti

verified_user Refundable Booking

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