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Aderire TransMartinique

Our Goals:

Promote in-kind sport: trail, sports hikes, races, monthly outings!

Promoting the discovery of our island!

Raising awareness of the environment!

This sporting event is aimed at excellent walkers or runners perfectly trained, and in excellent physical condition. Riders must adhere to the highway code when traveling on taxiways.

Club Manikou does not request a reference and does not require participants to have participated in similar events.
However, since the course of the TRANSMARTINIQUE® is demanding, it is recommended to have already participated in a race of the same level of difficulty.

To participate, it is essential to be fully aware of the length and specificity of the event and to be perfectly trained for it. Prior to the race, it is necessary to have a real capacity for personal autonomy to manage the problems caused by this type of test, in particular to manage the physical or mental problems resulting from fatigue, the problems Digestive, muscle or joint pain, small wounds …

Punti salienti del corso

The TRANSMARTINIQUE® is a sporty long-distance hike, in a single stage, with a limited time and semi-self-sufficiency.
The TRANSMARTINIQUE® crosses Martinique from north to south over 140km and 5000m of positive vertical drop.

The route consists mainly of paths, paths and hiking routes, tracks through agricultural plantations: banana, sugar cane, pineapple and small country roads.

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Mappa del percorso

directions_runIndirizzo di partenza: Grand'Rivière,mq

flagFine Indirizzo: Grand'Rivière,mq

TransMartinique Mappa del percorso

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Refreshments, meals on the course and at the finish. 11 refueling stations will be distributed on the course, on average 1 every 12 Kilometers.

Servizio di deposito

The organization is in charge of sending your bag with your personal belongings, from the departure to the arrival, passing through three intermediate points (Sainte Cécile, Saint-Joseph, Le Vauclin and Cap Chevalier). At the start, the rider handed his bag to the organization, with his bib number and a label with his name, first name, and telephone number. The bag is brought to the stage of Sainte Cécile.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

These refreshment stands will offer the following products: Martinique Mabelo spring water - Cola or soda - Martinique bananas - cereal bars - dried fruits - sugar - salted food.


The trip Go by bus to the starting line, from Sainte-Anne or Le Lamentin.



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