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Thy Trail Marathon

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Posizione Klitmøller, Denmark

Distanza Maratona

Informazioni Thy Trail Marathon

Welcome to the harshest and perhaps most beautiful trail running in February.A unique running experience in the nationalpark Thy. From Lodbjeg Lighthouse in the South to Surf-Mekka Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) in the north.A trailrun which follows small trails and tracks and even go on the beach. We will attract trail and extreme runners that love nature and who can stand up to the challenge in the Danish winter.The race finishes in Klitmoller, Klitmøller is pretty quiet during the winter. 

The big sightseeing is all the surfers but they have packed down for the winter. The finish line is at the surfers new build house – Oister House just at the beach of Klitmøller! A really nice place!Foreign runners should treat themselves to a holiday at the Danish West coast in a summerhouse. There will be a renting discount for runners!Join an extraordinary marathon in the winter of Denmark! Where nature is remote, magnificent and breathtaking!


11 km

  • 11km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 42,195km

Informazioni pratiche


If you participate in one of the races in Thy Race, you can book a stay in a holiday home and get 10% discount on the rental price. You must apply directly to the rental agency, Feriepartner Thy, and state that you are participating in Thy Trail Marathon.

Servizio di deposito

Further, it is possible to have one dropbag that will be delivered to Klitmoeller.

Tempo massimo

The race will have Maxtime of 14 hours from the start (ie the target closes at. 20.00) Cut-off from the last depot in Vorupør pm. 16:00.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

There will in Thy Ultra Trail be depots scattered throughout the route. For all deposits will be available: Fruit (bananas, apples), toast Bread, Cola, Water, (bring your own foldingcup) SIS Energy, Drink SIS energy bar (one pcs.. Man) Gifler Jelly.


There will pm. 4:30 be transport from Agger to Bulbjerg. Shuttle is included in the entry fee, but not mandatory.

Thy Trail Marathon Mappa del percorso

Thy Trail Marathon Mappa del percorso





Agger Harbour





One of Denmark's handful of newly protected spaces, Thy National Park stretches 55km south along the North Sea coast from Hanstholm to Agger Tange, covering an area of 244 sq km of coastline, dunes, lakes, pine forest and moors. There are plenty of windswept, wide-open spaces to access: marked hiking, cycling and horse-riding trails, bird-watching opportunities, plus a good dose of history in fishing hamlets and WWII-era German bunkers.


Thy Ultra Trail follows the approximately 80 km long Vestkyststi from Bulbjerg to  Agger. The trail follows long stretches of the old life and is marked with wooden poles with the lifeboat as logo. There will, however, in critical areas be clear marking in the form of mine strip or the like. 

The route makes through heath, plantation, beach and small and large fishing community. Agger, Lyngby, Stenbjerg, Nr. Vorupør, Vangså, Klitmøller, Hanstholm, Vigsoe and Lild - just as it passes near Lodbjerg lighthouse and the Hanstholm lighthouse.

The substrate will be a mix of sand, beach, small paths, firm gravel roads and some asphalt occasionally through some of the towns. On the stretch between Klitmøller and Hanstholm followed the bike path!

12% on asphalt / road
14% on gravel roads / lanes
59% of hiking trails - sandy and wet
15% on beach

There are common start at Bulbjerg. The finish 50 miles done by Agger Harbour.

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