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Tenderfoot Boogie Trail Race

In breve

Posizione Squamish, Canada

Distanza Ultramaratona - 80km

Informazioni Tenderfoot Boogie Trail Race

Conveniently located between the 2010 Olympic Winter Games host cities of Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish (pop. 16,000) justifiably bills itself as "The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada." Local provincial parks, rivers, and the sparkling waters of Howe Sound invite exploration. In addition, discover this oceanfront, mountainside community’s rich railway, mining, and forestry history. This city also boasts the annual Tenderfoot Boogie Trail Race.

The Tenderfoot Boogie invites runners to start at Sea level and finish at 2400 ft, with almost every imaginable terrain in between. You have to experience the scenery to believe it. Just to mention some of the highlights: You pass the Eagle Run Pavilion along the Squamish River, watch the confluence of two rivers, through Brohm Lake Park you get a beautiful look at the mighty Tantalus range, experience the Cheackamus Canyon, enter Brandywine Park and cross a suspension bridge at the confluence of Callaghan and Cheackamus Rivers, pass a waterfall near Whistlers Athletes Village on to Function Junction, eventually making your way to the Finish Line at Meadow Park.


50 km Endurance

  • 50km

50 Mile Ultra

  • 80,467km

13 km Sprint

  • 13km

28 km Lightning

  • 28km

Informazioni pratiche


There are about 10 hotels in Squamish, ranging from local motels to brand-name lodgings. For B&B aficionados, choices abound with nearly 20 in the Squamish area. Camping and RV parks are also popular in outdoorsy Squamish.

Servizi post-gara

Whistler Acupuncture will be generously supporting the Tenderfoot by offering complimentary acupuncture at the finishing area.

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Aid stations will be fully-loaded, but you cannot wholly depend on them. Each individual's need vary, and only you will know your needs.


Top 3 finishers in each age category will receive a bottle of wine.

Servizio di deposito

At the start of each race, you may leave a drop bag indicating your name, race number and desired location of either Aid Stations # 2, # 4 or at the finish.

Tempo massimo

12 hrs


Limited parking at finish location.


There is no official transportation back to Squamish, but we will do everything possible to get you back. Rest assured we will not leave you behind.


Squamish Adventure Centre



Meadow Park



Eagle Run Pavilion

Squamish River

Brohm Lake Park

Cheackamus Canyon

Callaghan River

Cheackamus River


Take dirt trail (not paved) parallel to Loggers lane to Brendon Park, cross the street and follow till you get under the Highway, you will be on Government road. Cross the bridge and immediately turn left on to the Dike on the north side of the river. At about 3.5 km you will see a fence across the Dike, about 200 meters before the fence, take the small trail to the right, which brings you out to Government road. Stay to the left till you get back on the Dike, follow Dike past the eagle run and the confluence of Mamquam and Squamish River at the end of the Dike a small trail to the right takes you down to Eagle Run Drive, go left to Eagle run Park, go through the park you come out on Judd St. Turn right, cross Government Rd. Continue on foot path cross small bridge at end to reach Kingswood and Dryden. Turn left on Dryden and through a small subdivision, after about 500 meters you will see a small trail across the street to your right between two houses being built, going to the railway tracks, turn left till you hit Government Rd. and railway crossing. Cross over both, you are now on the "right" side of the tracks. Enter the walking park when you get to it go through the grassy part and take the left trail at the fork, at the end cross the road and enter Ray Peters Trail. Stay on that trail till you come out at the cemetery, stay between the road and cemetery, stay on that trail it will take a big right turn, following Squamish Valley road, keep going through Woodlot 27. Stay on the trail till you reach a gate on your left taking you out to Squamish Valley Rd. at the Alice Lake turn off. Cross the road, not the Highway.

Follow Highway 99 for about 700 meters crossing the Cheekye River, look out for a small trail to the left, there is some road construction going on right now, this rough road makes a right bend, just at the crest of the bend take a left, in a few meters the road takes a right, just past that you will see a small trail taking off to the right, follow that trail till you get to the highway. Just touch the highway and turn left again this is Alder Trail, about 100 meters from the entrance take a left, this trail might be hidden with brush cuttings, it is a very sharp left. After about 1 km turn left up High trail, bypass the Fire lookout (unless you want to see it, it is worth it!) when you finally come to an intersection turn left on Brohm Lake Trail till you reach the Thomson Trail turn left, descend on a steep rocky section, carefully following the markings down. You will hook up with Hatchery Trail, turn right to the Fish Hatchery and follow Midnight Way to Paradise Valley road. Turn right for about 700 meters where the road makes a sharp left turn you keep going straight on a small trail till you arrive at Aid Station # 2.

From Aid Station # 2 you continue on Paradise Valley road, going North. Cross the Bridge till you get to Misty Lane, do not go on Misty Lane continue on straight, the road gets narrower following Cheackamus River, when either a big rock or a big puddle (depending on the weather) you follow a small trail on the right. This is the start of the Cheackamus Canyon. Following that cross the RR tracks and continue on climbing till you hit the Highway. Now you are running down the Highway. (For your safety run behind the cement barrier.) After about 3 km you will turn left into a heavy marked trail, when you come back on the road turn left till you see the Aid station at Chance Creek Bridge.

Continue on behind the gate, follow the mean trail till you hit a fork about 2 km from Chance Creek bridge this is Shadow Lake, you will see a 911 sign on a tree, turn left here, continue on a nice downhill trail till you get to a bridge cross and shortly you will cross some railway tracks, stay on this main trail do not turn right anywhere along this stretch make your way up this very rocky steep trail heading toward a hydro tower. Stay on this hydro trail and shortly you will come out to the old Highway at Pinecrest Estate take the paved road until you get to Highway 99. Turn left (North) and go along the highway till you reach Brandywine Falls. Cross the Highway (Carefully! We do not have the right to stop traffic!) There will be a Marshal at that location from 10:30 to 12:30: Please follow their instructions.

Start at Brandywine Falls, cross the bridge, turn right and head towards the Falls, cross the Railway tracks and immediately turn left on "Sea to Sky" trail. Follow for 2 km you come to a fork, right to Bungee Bridge left it says trail under construction, that is the one you take to the suspension bridge, cross and immediately turn left through the camp ground. When you come to a gravel road, cross and immediately enter the trail again. About 12 km from start you will see a pair of skis on your right; Immediately after the skis turn left to the river, follow this trail staying as close as possible to the river. Eventually you come out and cross the paved road, turn left to the bridge and turn right down the bank right after the bridge. Enter the trail and follow to a fork, turn left when you come out of trail turn left and ahead of you, you will see the traffic light at Function Junction. Cross the highway and the railway tracks, and at the bus station you will find Aid Station # 5.

You enter the trail and turn right, you are now on "Flank Trail", stay on that for about 7 km when you come through the speed barrier turn right, you will come to a big map right beside it take the small trail leading you to Alta Lake Road and Aid Station # 6. Cross and enter a trail called "A River Runs Through It". At the fork turn left, coming to another fork turn left, and at yet another fork turn right, remember to always stay on "A River Runs Through It". After another 2 km the trail ends turn right till you come to a paved trail. Turn left just before the railway tracks; This paved trail will take you to Meadow Park.

Congratulations, you are finished!

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