Suzuki Midnight Sun Run

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Posizione Reykjavik, Iceland

Distanza Maratona

Data 20 giugno, 2019

Informazioni Suzuki Midnight Sun Run

The location of this great race is Laugardalur, Reykjavik. Runners can choose between half marathon, 10 km race and 5 km race. All participants are invited to a wonderful geothermal outdoor swimming pool after the race.

Runners participating in all three distances will start running at the street Engjavegur and finish by the old laundry springs in Laugardalur. Laugardalur is in full bloom by this time of year. The course is measured by certified AIMS measurer and accredited by the Icelandic Athletic Federation.

Close by the start and finish area is one of the city's wonderful geothermal outdoor swimming pools, Laugardalslaug. All participant are invited to the swimming pool, hot tubs and steam baths after the race.

Informazioni pratiche

Limite di età

The half marathon distance is open for all men and women 15 years and older. It is not recommended that inexperienced runners participate in this distance.

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Participants in the half marathon will be able to quench their thirst every 5 k. So when they reach the finish line they will have also reached the fourth refreshment station. It is the Icelandic company Vífilfell that provides Powerade drinks and water. Click here for the locations of the refreshment stations.


In the registration process participants in the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run can choose whether or not to receive a medal when they cross the finish line. Therefore all participants can receive a medal if they want to. In the half marathon prizes are awarded to the first three men and women as well as the first man and woman from each age group will receive a prize.

Tempo massimo

The time limit for this distance is 3 hours.


iming is done with the mylap system. All partisipants must securely fasten the timing chip they receive, in their race package, to their shoelaces. The chip is linked to the participants name and number. Timing mats are crossed in the start and at the end of the race so runners will get both their personal time (chip time) and gun time. Gun time is used to rank runners and prizes are given according to gun time.

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run Mappa del percorso

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run Mappa del percorso



Engjavegur, Reykjavík, Iceland


Old laundry springs

Laugardalur, Reykjavík, Iceland




In this beautiful Elliðaárdalur valley runners will run along side a riding trail and the Elliðaár river. The course will take runners by lake Rauðavatn before they run through a golf course in the newly built residential area Grafarholt.


The half marathon begins in the streets of the valley Laugardalur but after that the course mostly follows paths. Following Laugardalur participants run through a deep rooted residential area before entering Elliðaárdalur. Elliðaárdalur valley is one of Reykjavik's most popular outdoor areas. Through the valley run the famous salmon rivers Elliðaár which the valley is named after and runners will run along side. Also in this beautiful valley runners will run along side a riding trail. The course will take runners by lake Rauðavatn before they run through a golf course in the newly built residential area Grafarholt. 

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