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G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon

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Posizione Shanghai, China

Distanza Mezza maratona

Informazioni G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon

Owing to their growing popularity, marathons have become a major driver for the promotion and development of a city. A marathon effectively encourages participation by runners from all over the world, highlights Shanghai as a healthy and progressive international city, drives the publicity of the city culture, and shapes a new profile of Shanghai.

The 2016 Shanghai Songjiang Half Marathon ran both offline and online, attracting about 45,000 runners around the country.

Among them, 10,000 participated in the on-site race, and 35,000 joined the online race. Competitive runner teams, famous runners, grass-roots marathon enthusiasts, and beginners all came to Songjiang for the race, showcasing the most remarkable marathon landscape since the beginning of that year.

The G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley is one of the most urbanized and economically dynamic regions in China. The valley will be committed to developing industrial clusters, interconnecting infrastructures, promoting collaborative innovation, driving cooperation between brands and industrial parks, integrating industry and finance, and promoting the achievements of the "zero-distance" comprehensive approval process, in an effort to develop into an integrated collaborative platform with the unique features of the Yangtze River Delta region.

As an important part of the G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley, Songjiang District can better promote and develop the valley by hosting the 2019 G60 Shanghai Sheshan International Half Marathon.

The long-anticipated Shanghai Songjiang International Half Marathon is back! After the last race in 2016, we are coming back with a new name of G60 Shanghai Sheshan International Half Marathon. With an upgraded race course, running experience, and services, the race will kick off on March 17!


Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

Informazioni pratiche

Limite di età


Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

First aid points will be set up at the start line and the finish line and along the course. Ambulances, medical workers, and volunteers will be deployed at each point to provide free medical service. Participants may ask for help at any time if they feel unwell.


Participants who finish the race before the closing time can get finisher medals by showing their number bibs.

Servizio di deposito

Participants should store their personal belongings at the designated area as required. They shall not put valuables, such as cell phones, valid ID, cash, keys, credit cards, and iPad, in their bags. The package deposit service at the start line will be closed 15 minutes before the starting-gun shot on the race day, so participants shall arrange their time reasonably. Participants can claim their belongings at the designated area before 12:00 on the race day. Any participant who fails to claim his/her belongings on time on the race day may contact the Event Committee via e-mail or phone (as shown on the official website) within five workdays. Otherwise, the belongings will be deemed unclaimed and disposed of by the Event Committee.

Tempo massimo

To ensure a safe and successful race for all participants, a closing time will be set at all sections along the course for a limited duration of road closure. All closed sections will resume for traffic after the closing time ends. If any participants fail to finish the required distance before the closing time, they shall stop the race immediately and leave the racing course to avoid causing danger. Participants who quit the race can take the shelter car arranged by the Event Committee to the corresponding finishing points.


The Half Marathon uses a sensing timing system (chip time). All participants shall wear the timing chip properly. Timing mats will be placed at the start line, checkpoints, and the finish line. The participants must move across each timing mat along the course. If a participant has missed any timing mat, his/her results will be canceled. The timing chips, which are disposable and won't be recycled, will be distributed before the race simultaneously with the number bibs. Please refer to the participants' guide for how to wear the chips.

G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon Mappa del percorso

G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon Mappa del percorso


Shanghai Songjiang Happy Valley



Happy Valley in Songjiang, Shanghai (start point)  Landscape Avenue  Shenxiang-Zhuanqiao Highway  Waigang-Qingpu-Songjiang Highway  Linyin Xin Road  Shanghai Sculpture Park Waigang-Qingpu-Songjiang Highway  Sheshan-Tianma-Kungang Highway  Chenta Road Guangfulin Road  Longyuan Road  Yinze South Road  Longteng Road  Chenhua Road Renmin North Road (end point)

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