Sean O’Brien 100K

02 feb 2019 (Sat)


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Sean O’Brien 100K

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Considered the recreational crown jewel of the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Creek State Park has over 8,000 acres of rolling tallgrass plains, oak savannahs and dramatic peaks. Rapid, dramatic geologic changes created the spectacular landscape of Malibu Creek State Park. Its jagged mountains, rock outcroppings, cliff-like slopes and deep gorges were formed over two million years by severe climate changes, earthquakes, erosion and tectonic plate collisions. These forces continue to shape the landscape today. The Malibu Creek State Park is host to the annual Sean O'Brien 100K race.

The Sean O'Brien race was created after the original Ray Miller course had suffered a devastating fire in early May. The area was badly burned, and needed time to heal. The race director was inspired to still bring a solid, competitive, and tough 100K race to southern California in early winter. She also had a deep desire to still have this sort of race in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

The result was the creation of one of the most epic race courses to date on the West Coast. Personally mapped out and created by her close friend, Sean O'Brien, it only seemed fair to name the race after him. The race course consists of beautiful single-track on the Backbone Trail and miles of sweeping ocean views. The back country trails of the Santa Monica Mountains are breathtaking and some parts rarely touched.

Punti salienti del corso

From Malibu Creek State Park Miles 0-7:

Follow the paved road through the campground to Spur trail. This will connect to a paved road (Dorothy Dr.) and turn right on Dorothy Dr(in tapia Park). Follow Dorothy Dr. to a parking lot, and look for a trailhead to the right of the parking lot. Take that trail. The trail will cross a creek and head up on the other side. When you get to a small, cinder block outhouse, turn right on the trail heading up (the trail will be just before and next to the outhouse). Continue heading up. When the trail intersects with the Corral Cyn/Mesa Peak Motorway stay to the left and continue heading up. At the next intersection with another fire road, stay to the right. At the next intersection with a single track trail, take the trail to the right (this is the Backbone Trail). Follow the BBT to the Corral Canyon parking lot.

Mile 7 – the intersection with the BBT, turn left onto the BBT heading west.

Mile 13.3 – Continue on the BBT as it crosses Latigo Cyn. Rd. to the parking lot on Kanan Rd.

Mile 15.8 – Continue on the BBT and then turn left onto the Zuma Ridge Motorway - the cut off here is 10am. No exceptions. If you don't make it here by 10am you will be dropped down to the 50 mile here if you don't make this time cut off.

Mile 19.2 – Follow the Zuma Ridge Motorway up and over the mountain, past Buzzard's Roost, to the intersection with the Zuma-Edison Motorway

Mile 21.8 – Continue on the Zuma Ridge Motorway all the way down to the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain. You must make it here by 11am. If you are a minute past this cut off you will be dropped down to the 50 mile race.

Mile 22.7 – Turn left onto the Ridge Canyon Access trail and then turn right onto Bonsall Dr. (dirt) following it to the parking lot. Your drop bags will be available at this aid station. Head out again on Bonsall Dr (dirt)

Mile 23.2 – Turn right onto the Canyon View trail

Mile 24.5 – Turn left onto the Kanan-Edison fire road

Mile 25.8 – Turn left onto the Zuma Canyon Connector trail

Mile 26.5 – Turn left onto the Zuma-Edison Fire road

Mile 30.4 – Turn right on the Zuma Ridge Motorway

Mile 33.8 – Turn right onto the BBT at Kanan Trailhead

Mile 36.3 – Turn right at the aid station and head uphill to stay on the BBT

Mile 38.3 – Cross the road at Latigo, and head through the aid station and stay on the BBT at the north end of the dirt parking lot

Mile 42.9 – At the top of Corral Canyon road stay left on the road, and head uphill towards the towers. You will now be on the Bulldog fire road. Follow bulldog fire road through the old mash sight and on bulldog fire road until you reach the aid station. Absolutely no 100kers leave this aid station after 3:30pm. This is a strict cut-off. You will be sent back onto the 50 mile course if you don't make this cut-off.

Mile 49.4 – Water only aid station w/drop bags. Turn around here, and head back up to Corral Canyon aid. If you gets here after 5pm you will be pulled.

Mile 55.9 – Corral Canyon aid station. Run through the aid station and stay to your left to connect up with the BBT, and return the exact same way back to Malibu Creek State Park where you started. 

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Sean O’Brien 100K

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