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Pikes Peak Marathon

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Data 22 ago 2020

Informazioni Pikes Peak Marathon

The Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon is a racing event that begins at the base of Pikes Peak, in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and climbs over 7,815 feet (2382 m) to the top of the 14,115 foot (4302 m) peak. Since 1966, the event takes place each year in late summer, with the Ascent taking place on Saturday (slightly longer than a half-marathon, at 13.3 miles), and the round-trip marathon on Sunday.

Because of the nature of the run (dirt trails, rock, and other natural obstacles) and the high altitude, the race is much more difficult than standard 42.195-kilometre (26.219 mi) marathons. Winning times for the marathon are typically just under four hours (compared to elite "flatland" marathon times of just over two hours). Although the average grade of the slope is 11%, some sections are much steeper because the central portion of the race is relatively flat. The initial three miles (5 km) are very steep. The central 7 miles (11 km) start as rolling terrain, but become progressively steeper toward the end. The top 3 miles (4.8 km) are above timberline and require some rock scrambling to reach the summit. Oxygen levels drop progressively as altitude rises, further compounding the uphill ordeal.

Winning race times differ significantly from year to year, often depending on weather and trail conditions. Some races have been associated with hot, dry conditions, and others have been associated with snow and cold at the top of the peak.The race attracts hundreds of runners for both the ascent and for the round-trip. The USDA Forest Service limits the number of runners to 1,800 for the ascent and 800 for the marathon, and the race registration typically fills in one or two days.


Pikes Peak Ascent

  • 21,097km

Pikes Peak Marathon

  • 42,195km

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

At the Spur trail and the Incline overlook, we will provide water and Gatorade. There will be water, Gatorade, energy bars, fruit, cookies, and pretzels at No Name Creek, Bobs Road, Barr Camp, A-Frame, Cirque, and the finish of each race. Should you need special nourishment, carry what you might need. Runners are encouraged to take in as much fluid as possible, not only water, but electrolyte replacement drinks.


Everyone who beats the race cut-off times (Ascent: 6h30m, Marathon 10hs) will receive a finisher medal and Jacket.

Tempo massimo

Ascent: 6h30m, Marathon 10hs


Nearby parking is limited so plan your travel time accordingly so you make the 7am race start. By 5am on both Saturday and Sunday, Manitou Avenue will be closed to all traffic 1/2 mile east of the start and 1/4 mile to the west. There is no parking on Manitou Avenue in the closed areas or between the start and Ruxton Ave. Cars in violation of notices will be towed by Manitou Springs Police Department!

Pikes Peak Marathon Mappa del percorso

Pikes Peak Marathon Mappa del percorso


City Hall, Manitou Springs

Colorado Springs,us



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