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My Better Half Marathon

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Blink and it’s changed: Seattle can be that ephemeral. Welcome to a city that pushes the envelope, embraces new trends and plots a path toward the future.

Just because it nurtured tech giants Microsoft and Amazon, it doesn’t mean that Seattle hasn’t got a surreal arty side. Crisscross its urban grid and you’ll find all kinds of freakish apparitions: a rocket sticking out of a shoe shop; a museum built to resemble a smashed-up electric guitar; glass orbs in wooden canoes; a statue of Vladimir Lenin; a mural made of used chewing gum; fish-tossing market traders; and a museum dedicated to antique pinball machines (which you can still play). No, you haven’t over-indulged in some powerful (legal) marijuana. You’ve just worked out that Seattle is far more bohemian than beige.

With that being said, the My Better Half Marathon is the place to be!!

Prepare yourself for a running event like no other. Romance. Kitsch. Sweat. My Better Half Marathon is a celebration of running, romance and rom-coms. There are 4 categories: Bromance (two guy friends), Besties (two girl friends), Lovers (romantically involved) and Lonely Hearts (self-explanatory).


My Better Half 5K

  • 4,988954km

My Better Half 10K

  • 9,977908km

My Better Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

Informazioni pratiche


All participants (virtual, 5k, 10k, half marathon, relay) will receive a finisher’s medal and the quarter zip running top. Everybody!

Cosa offre il kit da gara

We will have Clif Shot Gels, electrolyte drink, water, and tiny little candy hearts.


Jet Ski Beach, Seward Park



 The course is pretty simple and is a loop around Seward Park. 5k participants will just do Loop A and be done. 10k participants will do Loop A and then Loop B and be done. Half marathon participants will do Loop A once, then Loop B four times.

Le informazioni sulla gara provengono dal sito ufficiale dell'evento o da fonti pubblicamente reperibili. Consulta sempre il sito web ufficiale per le ultime informazioni sulla gara. Informaci tramite email. se alcuni dati sono errati o mancanti.