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Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon

In breve

Posizione Moshi, Tanzania

Distanza Maratona

Data 28 giu 2020

Informazioni Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon

Climb to the highest summit on the most exotic continent!

Run a marathon in Africa, a key step to the 7 Continents Club!

Experience the wildlife and local culture that you’ve dreamed about since childhood!

The Mt Kilimanjaro Marathon takes place on the last Sunday in June every year at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in the little town of Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. The marathon is a 10.5 loop where the runners run the same course 4 times. In Africa it is very difficult to find well paved roads — and also roads that are not difficult to run because of the hills. Therefore, the MT Kilimanjaro Marathon is a loop.

On the course are ten highly decorated water stations manned by the local seminaries. They stay on the course for over 6 hours for the slow runners to complete the race. The oldest runner to run this course and climb the mountain is 75 years of age. Don’t let age stop your adventure.

The Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon is the only marathon that does not invite any professional runners. Every year an amateur runner wins. That means you! In the past our winners were teachers, electricians, editors, doctors, engineers, etc. They run for the love of it. And to the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon, they are the heroes of the sport of running and need to win an International Race.


Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon

  • 42,195km

Moshi Country Club





The route for the MT Kilimanjaro Marathon is a simple 10.5K loop. The race begins at the Moshi Country Club which is in a suburban area of the town of Moshi with little traffic. The race continues along a country road which is paved but also has a side road that some runners prefer which is soft grass for 4 Kilometers. Then the runners reach a traffic circle where there is some traffic and turn right onto a side road that is adjacent to a large road. They turn on this road at 5.2K and start their run back to the Country Club.

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