Mexico Tarahumara Virtual Marathon


20-21 mar 2021 (Sat - Sun)


5 km, 10 km, Mezza maratona, Maratona

Mexico Tarahumara Virtual Marathon

schedule Annullamento del biglietto 24h

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Join Mexico Tarahumara Virtual Marathon

Together with the Tarahumara Indigenas, virtual runners will run the most exotic race of the year.

Run against real Tarahumara Indigenas and compare your performance! A unique experience!

The Tarahumara Indians live at the largest canyon in the world, the Copper Canyon in north-eastern Mexico. They refer to themselves as Raramuri, those who run faster, a self-designation that is undoubtedly true. Their secluded life forced the people to long marches and runs of up to 170 kilometers through rough canyons - and that in one day. It is even said that there is a record of 700 kilometers in 48 hours.

Together with the non-profit organization "Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno" and "The Home Depot", we support projects of the Tarahumara people in the areas of nutrition, water security and education of children.

Run virtually with the Tarahumara and receive your hand carved Indian medal - a real unique piece!

Get your:

Starter number (for printing)Access to the portal with ranking listCertificate (for printing)Your unique, hand carved Indian medalHow it works


Choose your virtual run

It is a virtual run - you can join wherever you live (worldwide)If you you want to sign up for more then one just add the runs as well (their names you can add 5 days before the run in the running portal)You will receive a booking confirmation within a few minutesAfter 24 hours you we will receive via email an invitation to the run's Facebook group and further information5 days before the run you will get an email with access to the runners portal. There you may check your name and add the names of your fellow runners and download your race number.

Upload your results

At the day of the run you will track your run with an app or running watch. Then simply upload to the running portal a screenshot or photo of the app or watch showing your time and distance. Within two hours our team will confirm your time and you can download your certificate. You can see the ranking at around 5pm the day after the run.

Get your medal!

Your high quality medal and your finisher shirt (if you have added a shirt to your cart) will be shipped out to you about 2 days after the run. Please note that due to the current corona situation shipping may take 14 to 21 days in some instances).What you will getA sympathetic international community of fellow runners in our members only Facebook groups
Your personal international ranking Your personal certificate (for printing)Your exclusive limited edition, high quality medalYour exclusive high quality functional shirt created and made in Germany (to be booked extra upon check out)A dedicated service team which quickly answers your questions before, during and after the run.

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Incluso nella tariffa

  • Starter number (for printing)
  • Access to the portal with ranking list
  • Certificate (for printing)
  • Your unique, hand carved Indian medal


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Domande Frequenti

Can I change the distance after I purchase a ticket?


If you need to change the distance for some reason, please inform us as soon as possible! Changes are affecting our production and stocks. You can only receive the medal of the distance you run.

What is a virtual run?


A virtual run is a challenge that can be run or walked, from any location you like on a certain date (race day/s) on your own or with friends (depending on actual regulations). Find a park, a nice trail, a road, a tartan track. You can even run on a treadmill. You will be able to connect and compete against other runners from many regions and places of the world.

How does it work once I registered?


You will receive a confirmation of your registration via email within a few minutes. Please check if all details are correct. The exclusive medal is part of your registration and will show the distance you ran. Also read “change of distance". You can buy an especially for the event designed T-Shirt. Please note: Ordering a T-Shirt or other items only do NOT include the registration with the medal. Please always ensure you registered for the distance you would like to run.

When will I receive my medal?


At VirtualRunners you are not just “buying" the medal which might be a big difference to other companies. You are earning it by completing the run. Our team will check all running results within 24 hours and, if everything is fine, approve them. After this procedure, logistics will start with the shipment and a tracking number will be available. Depending on your region, shipment can take 2 days up to 4 weeks (depending on current regulations and customs).

Mexico Tarahumara Virtual Marathon

schedule Annullamento del biglietto 24h

local_activity Offerte e sconti

verified_user Refundable Booking

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