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Marina Runnerz Marathon

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Posizione Chennai, India

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Informazioni Marina Runnerz Marathon

Vibrant Chennai welcomes you with its high points in industry, education and medicine and rich intimations of history, culture, religion and cuisine. Whether it’s the soaring gopuram of the Kapalishwara temple in happening Mylapore or the Indo Saracenic wonders on the sea front or the spire of the neo-Gothic Santhome Church, Chennai’s landmarks speak of its great past. 

Kicking off from the Iconic Island Grounds, Marina Runnerz Marathon will have you running along the second longest beach in the world, Marina beach. Taking in ozone-rich fresh air amidst magnificent vistas of the blue sea and foamy waves kissing the golden sands, always proves to be an exhilarating experience. 

At Marina Runnerz, we have left no stone unturned in planning a once-in-a-lifetime running experience for you. So come Marathon Day, put on your shoes, let your spirit free and run towards a healthier and happier tomorrow!


Iconic Island Grounds

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Half Marathon

Enjoy the flat and fast course that winds through the Chennai coast and takes you along the famous Marina Beach of this beautiful city. It will surely help you achive your P.B. You’re going to love the medal we’ve got in store for you too!

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