Marathon de Cheverny

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Posizione Cheverny, France

Distanza Maratona

Data 04 aprile, 2020

Informazioni Marathon de Cheverny

The Cheverny marathon is a foot race of 42,195 kilometers. The course is divided into 3 loops. The start is in the courtyard of Cheverny castle for a first small loop in the streets of Cour-Cheverny. The riders then along the golf Cheverny to attack the second loop which alternates passages in the forest and countryside. At 20 th km passage past the castle Troussay.

At 22 th km, marathoners enter the castle park with a path lined with cedar trees hundreds of years old. Before attacking the last loop, virtually identical to the second, participants spend near the castle before crossing the finish line.

The pasta is held in the orangery of the castle, in a beautiful setting and in good spirits. What makes Cheverny, the inevitable spring marathon.

You will be in the warm and friendly atmosphere of our Marathon, in visiting Cheverny Village and surroundings, and of course the famous Chateau of Cheverny were the cheverny marathon is held.


10 km

  • 10km

Semi Marathon

  • 21,097km


  • 42,195km

Cheverny Chateau



Marathon Village





The marathon takes his departure under the Chateau de Cheverny, known as the Château de Moulinsart in the adventures of Tintin. The race combines roads, white roads, vineyards and the majestic avenue Cedar trees. Along the way you will meet the characters of Tintin, musical entertainment but also gourmet supplies. There is also the Golf Cheverny, Castle Troussay and Castle Park.


After the musical departure facing the Cheverny Chateau, the course starts with a small loop of 4.5km, allowing the visit of Cour-Cheverny village. Then you will run along side the famous Golf of Cheverny, and you will arrive in a forest and country landscape, with a view of Troussay Chateau at 20km. At 22km, the runners will go back to the gardens of the Cheverny Chateau, by a wide path adged with ancient cedars. Crossing the grounds, you will go for a second way close to the Chateau and start for a second loop, slightly different from the 1st one. At 38km, the Dupont (d ? twin cops), Haddock captain, Castafiore (prima donna) – Tintin’s characters, will wait for you for a gastronomic refreshment with goat cheeses and Cheverny wines, of course. In the last right course, you will have the Cheverny Chateau as focal point and you will arrive on a red carpet in the marathon village…

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