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Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs

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Rescheduled to 19 set 2020

Previous date: 13 giu 2020

Informazioni Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs

The original 100-mile course had been reconfigured several times, but has remained essentially unchanged since 2002 or so. The backbone of the course has always been and will be the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest. The description of the course by Peter Gagarin, reported in Ultrarunning Magazine in 1996, still rings true:

“The Ice Age Trail rolls and turns and twists through southeastern Wisconsin, in places a bit rocky and rooty and nasty, in places the most beautiful pine-needle-covered trail you could ever hope for; in places a steady progression of short, sharp ups and downs, in places very gently rolling. There are no deep canyons, no mountain passes, no thin air, no claim to be the toughest 100-miler. But 100 miles is still 100 miles. You still have to deal with Mother Nature, with the night, with blisters and chafing and sore muscles, with trying to keep eating and drinking and running. These factors are always there.”


38 Mile Night Fun Run

  • 61,15492km

100 km Trail Run

  • 100km

50 km Trail Run

  • 50km

100 Mile Trail Run

  • 160,934km

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There are 9 staffed aid stations along the course which runners pass through 21 times. There are also 4 unstaffed aid stations passed through 8 times. Each will have a mileage sign that will tell you how far you have come and how far it is to the next aid station. All aid stations have a cut-off time and aid stations will be enforcing these.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Ice, Water and Energy Drink (Heed) will be supplied in Heed labeled cups. Gels (Hammer, a variety of flavors are provided, but cannot be guaranteed not to run out) Tabs (Endurolytes), we sometimes run out of these if it is really hot. Succeed! (Salt tabs), we could run out of these if it is really hot. Use your drop bags to have your own back up supply of special needs. Coke, Mt. Dew, Sprite, Ginger Ale Pretzels, Crackers, Nutterbutters, Oreos, Chips, Olives, Pickles Peanut Butter, Jelly and Turkey sandwiches Fruit (bananas, oranges and watermelon) Boiled white potatoes

Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs Mappa del percorso

Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs Mappa del percorso


Nordic Trail Parking

La Grange,us


he course runs entirely on trails (except for road crossings) and will traverse the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT) for about 65 miles. The runners deviate from the IAT when near the Nordic Trails at the start/finish and also near the Scuppernong aid station.

The course consists of 2 different out and back sections. You will find the trail to be about 80% wooded terrain, with the rest meandering through prairie or marsh areas. Part of the course will be a roller coaster of hills, with rocks and roots scattered about to various degrees. Other sections will be gently rolling with relatively smooth running surfaces. The pine sections give you that soft bed of pine needles that so many of us like to run on. Though the hills are not long and/or especially steep, they can take a tremendous toll on you if you attempt to run them. We have a total altitude gain of approximately 8,800 feet.
The 100 mile (solo and relay) events follow the entire length of the course, while the 100 km event only follows the first 63.1 miles. The 50km event follows the second half of the 100km course. The 38 mile fun run follows that last 37.5 miles of the 100 mile course. All events start and finish at the Nordic Trail parking lot except for the 50km event which starts at the Scuppernong aid station.

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