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Galatzó Trail

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Posizione Galatzó, Spain

Distanza Ultramaratona

Informazioni Galatzó Trail

Thanks to K42 you’re going to discover some of the most impressive places in Mallorca. The Sierra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO world heritage site and the coastline of Mallorca. K42 Mallorca and K21 Mallorca enable you to see Mallorca at its natural best while doing what you love: Trail Running.

Welcome to K42 Mallorca & K21 Mallorca.

Discover the natural beauty of Mallorca and its idyllic landscapes by trail running in the hands of the most important global brands: K42 Marathon Adventures.

K42 Mallorca and K21 Mallorca are held in the municipality of Calvià in the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó, starting inside the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó and finishing at sea level at Paguera Beach. The route scales two peaks of 1000 metres and ends at sea level, at elevation 0.

The Finca Pública d’es Galatzó is a rustic country estate located in the north of the Municipality of Calvià, more specifically in the vicinity of Es Capdellà in an area called Galatzó (Calvià, Balearic Islands). The estate is bordered by the municipalities of Puigpunyent, Estellenç and Andratx.

The Finca d’es Galatzó has a registered surface area of 1,401ha and 35 a (14,013.5m2 or 1,972.9 quarterades – an old Mallorquín land measurement) and is one of the largest country estates in the Balearic Islands. Its land accounts for approximately 10% of the total area of the municipality of Calvià.

The estate is accessed by the road that connects Es Capdellà with Galilea (Ma-1032), from a turning on the left just two kilometres after leaving Es Capdellà, before crossing a bridge and entering a wooded area. The turning is signposted and, following a dirt track, you arrive at a large stone arch that marks the entrance to the estate.


Galatzó Half

  • 23km

Galatzó Legend

  • 43km

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There will be the following refreshment points during the race. 9.05 KM Cima Galatzó (minimum: hydration point, water). 13.5 KM Boal de Ses Serveres. 23.9 KM Route turning Ses Planes Ascent. 29.6 KM Route turning Ses Planes Descent. 35 KM Stream exit to MV103. 40 KM Arrival at the Santa Ponça walkway in Paguera. FINISH LINE! The Galatzó refreshment point will only have basic refreshments due to restricted access to the area.

Servizio di deposito

There’s a cloakroom service at the starting point. In your runner’s Bag you’ll find a white plastic bag and a tag so your items can be easily identified.

Tempo massimo

There are cut-off points. Runners are given 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete the event. The cut-off points are as follows: Cruce Sa Coma d’en Vidal before ascending Esclop: 12:45. Cruce Sa Coma d’en Vidal after descending Esclop: 13:35. Cruce de Ses Planes before ascending: 14:15. Cruce de Ses Planes after descending: 15:30.


There’s a bus service for families. The buses to get there are the same as the buses for the runners. Buses for guests will leave for the finishing point at 10.30.

Galatzó Trail Mappa del percorso

Galatzó Trail Mappa del percorso


Finca Pública d’es Galatzó



Es Capdellà





The event takes place in the Sierra de Tramuntana. The Sierra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Cultural Landscape category. This marks a recognition by the international community of the almost perfect symbiosis of human actions with nature that over centuries have resulted in a monumental human achievement that combines culture, tradition, aesthetics, spirituality and identity.

The Sierra de Tramuntana extends throughout the northwest of Mallorca, some 90km, with a maximum width of 15km, and covers the territory of 18 municipalities – the biggest being Calvià, Pollença and Escorca – which combined account for almost 30% of the island and more than 1,000km2. Around 8,000 people live in the core areas but the buffer population is about 40,000. There are several peaks of over 1,000m, the main ones being Puig Major (1,443m), Puig de Massanella (1,348m), the Sierra d’Alfàbia (1,069m), es Teix (1,064) and Galatzó (1,026m).

The cultural landscape of the Sierra is formed of roads, terraces, stone walls and other traditional dry stone constructions – a human footprint that in this case has not destroyed nature but worked in harmony with her to create a very special place in the world. The area’s hydraulic heritage is also exceptional and is a result of the ingenuity required to make the most of water on an island of long and dry summers. Dotted throughout the mountains are impressive possessions, previously very productive and self-sufficient farm dwellings, and a remnant of the Christian territorial division of the 8th century. The Arab threat depleted the coast for centuries and forced the construction of a coastal surveillance network to alert towns to the arrival of enemy ships, by way of towers, watchtowers and two rock castles. With regard to religious heritage, the Sanctuary of Lluc, a place of pilgrimage and a cultural symbol of Mallorca, deserves a special mention.



Starting at the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó, the route runs along mountain trails and forest tracks to return back to the start where it then follows the stream to get to Es Capdellà

Salida de las Casas de la Finca des Galatzó dirección Ses Sinies y desde allí hacia cima del Galatxo donde tendremos el primer control de paso. (chip). Una vez en la cima descenderemos sobre el mismo camino para dirigirnos por Pas de Na Sabatera hacia Boals de Ses Serveras, donde tendremos el segundo avituallamiento. Una vez allí ascenderemos dirección Sa Coma den Vidal por GR221 subiremos a S’Esclop donde está el segundo punto de chip, y bajaremos hacia Sa Mola de S’Esclop cruce Pinotells y descenderemos hacia Comella de Ses Sinias para volver a subir dirección Galatzo. Descenderemos por Pas des Cosis donde está el tercer punto de chip y llegaremos de nuevo a Boals de Ses Serveras, donde está el avituallamiento. Desde allí ascenderemos dirección Pas de Na Sabatera y vuelta a Comella de Ses Sinies. Una vez abajo encontraremos el avituallamiento 4, tres kmts más de llano y nos quedará la última cima. Una vez allí nos quedaran 5 kmts para llegar a meta a la cual accederemos por c/Galatzo, c/Ametlers y c/Esglesia. Línea de meta en Polideportiva Sa Vinya de Capdellà.


The race will start inside the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó and finish at Paguera beach.

Salida de las Casas de la Finca des Galatzó dirección Ses Sinies subiremos Comellar de Ses Sinies, para dirigirnos al Pas de Na Sabatera. Una vez allí ,descenderemos hacia Boals de Ses Serveras donde se encuentra avituallamiento 2. Desde allí ascenderemos hacia Sa Coma den Vidal por GR221 hasta el cruce de Pinotells donde descenderemos por Comella de Ses Sinies para dirigirnos a meta por Calle Galatzo, Ametlers y Calle Iglesia. Línea de meta en Polideportiva Sa Vinya de Capdellà

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