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Iron Horse Half Marathon - North Bend

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Informazioni Iron Horse Half Marathon - North Bend

The Iron Horse Half Marathon will take place in August and will be a USATF certified half marathon starting at Olallie State Park and finishing in North Bend. We’ve got a post-race beer garden and free barbecue, PLUS IT’S ALL DOWNHILL! Sign up today. Please note that our USATF certification pending, documents available on request.

The Iron Horse Half Marathon is a point to point half marathon taking place in Washington state on the Iron Horse Trail (part of Washington State Parks) and Snoqualmie Valley Trail (part of the King County Parks system). Both trails are the remains of old railroad tracks, hence the ‘Iron Horse’ moniker. The course is nearly all downhill at a steady, gentle grade, except for some very short flat sections.

Despite taking place during summer’s heat, this is Washington, so the weather on race day can vary quite a bit. However, statistically speaking, August in Washington is pretty warm.


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  • 21,082354km

Informazioni pratiche

Limite di età

Kids 15 years of age and older can participate. However, their parent or legal guardian must sign them up. Iron Horse Half Marathon Iron Horse Half Marathon AUGUST 28TH, 2016

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There a total of 5 aid stations along the course. Since it is summertime, we strongly recommend that all runners bring extra water and/or an extra bottle with them, in the case of hot temperatures (which are not uncommon in August) to help prevent dehydration. Aid stations are 2-3 miles apart. All aid stations will have the following items: Simple first aid kit, Cell phone or radio communication with finish line, Water, Clif Electrolyte Drink. **Aid Stations after mile 6 will have Clif Gel Shots available.

Tempo massimo

The time limit is 12:30pm, or 4.5 hours. The time limit is in consideration of our hard working volunteers, as well as the safety of participants.

Iron Horse Half Marathon - North Bend Mappa del percorso

Iron Horse Half Marathon - North Bend Mappa del percorso


Olallie State Park

North Bend,us


North Bend

North Bend,us

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