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Humboldt Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marina Mile

09 ago 2020 (Sun)


1,61km, 21,10km, 5km, 42,20km

Humboldt Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marina Mile

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The Annual Humboldt Bay Marathon will be in Sunday. The Humboldt Bay Area combines spectacular scenery with the perfect climate for year round running. August is a dry month with an average high temperature of only 62.6 degrees (17 Celsius), so ideal conditions for this race are almost guaranteed.

Whether you are trying for a Boston qualifying time, striving for another personal record, or just looking for a uniquely beautiful place to run, the Humboldt Bay Marathon is exactly what you’re looking for!

For years, Humboldt runners have been running on the scenic roads and trails surrounding Humboldt Bay. Many of these runners have done a 20+ mile lap around Humboldt Bay as part of their training for marathon races. In the summer of 2014, the thought occurred to us to organize a marathon that would circle Humboldt Bay. We are very excited to be turning this concept into reality!

Humboldt Bay Marathon is a nonprofit affiliate of the Road Runners Club of America. Our mission is to promote fitness, outdoor recreation and trail projects in the Humboldt Bay area.

Punti salienti del corso

Start in Eureka on F Street between 6th Street and 7th Street heading SOUTH on F Street (fully closed)
Mile 1.5 – Left turn onto Hodgson (fully closed)
Mile 2.5 – Shift to the right as you cross W Street onto Chester, continuing east on Chester (Fully closed)
Mile 2.7 – Left turn onto Harrison (flagger controlled closure) for a very short distance before a right
turn onto Wilson (stay to the RIGHT lane of Wilson)
Mile 2.9 – Left turn onto Walford (stay to the RIGHT lane of Walford)
Mile 2.9 – AID STATION & Toilet. Mile 3.0 – Right turn onto Harris (Runners use the bicycle lane and shoulder ONLY). Mile 3.6 – Left turn onto Hall (stay to the LEFT lane of Hall)
Mile 3.8 – Right turn onto Myrtle (CHP Traffic Control. Cross the road and use the LEFT lane of Myrtle)
Miles 3.8 to 11.5 – Runners continue on the left side of Myrtle and Old Arcata Road as the road heads
east and then north. The eastbound/northbound lane will be open to traffic with a speed limit of up to
45 MPH. Runners are strongly urged to remain on the left shoulder whenever possible.
Mile 4.9 - AID STATION. Mile 6.9 - AID STATION & Toilet
Mile 7.8 – Traffic circle at Indianola Cutoff, runners go around the left side of the circle remaining on the
road (sidewalks are out of bounds) and exit the traffic circle directly across from where they enter (Old
Arcata Road).
Mile 8.9 - AID STATION. Mile 10.9 - AID STATION. Mile 11.5 – Traffic circle at Buttermilk Lane, runners turn Right and angle across Buttermilk Lane (flagger
controlled closure) and then turn Left onto Bayside Road (stay to the LEFT lane on Bayside Road)
Mile 12.3 – Runners continue straight across Union (flagger controlled) as Bayside Road becomes 7th
Street (stay to the LEFT lane on 7th Street)
Mile 12.7 – Right turn onto G Street (Stay to the LEFT lane on G Street)
Mile 12.7 - AID STATION & Toilet
Mile 12.9 – Left turn onto 10th Street (fully closed)
Mile 13.1 – Continue straight on 10th Street, Half marathon runners will be merging from the left shortly
after 10 AM, so Marathon runners are advised to stay to the right on 10th Street
Mile 13.5 – Right turn onto Q Street (stay to the right lane)
Mile 13.9 – Left turn onto 17th Street and follow the road as it turns right and then left and becomes
Miles 13.9 to 19.4 – This is a very sparsely populated area with several large dairy operations. Roads are
“Local Traffic Only” and some very minimal traffic is possible.
Mile 15.0 – Right turn onto Seidel - AID STATION
Mile 16.2 – Turn around - GEL STATION (course monitors at the turn around will hand out Gel Packs)
Mile 17.5 – Right turn onto Foster - AID STATION & Toilet
Mile 19.4 – Right turn onto CA 255 (stay to the right lane and shoulder)
Miles 19.4 to 23.3 – The southbound lane of CA 255 will be closed to traffic. Northbound traffic will be
moving with a 55 MPH speed limit. Runners are strongly advised to stay to the right shoulder whenever
Mile 19.5 - AID STATION. Mile 21.2 - GEL STATION. Mile 21.5 - AID STATION & Toilet
Mile 23.3 – Left turn to remain on CA 255 – CHP will be controlling traffic at this turn.
Miles 23.3 to 25.2 – Continue on the right shoulder of CA 255 as it crosses three bridges into Eureka.
Although the entire lane is closed to traffic, runners should stay to the shoulder whenever possible.
Mile 23.4 - AID STATION. Mile 25.2 – Right turn onto 3rd Street, right again on Q Street and left turn onto 2nd Street (full closures)
Mile 25.2 - AID STATION. Miles 25.4 to 25.6 – Continue onto the pedestrian way at the west end of 2nd Street for a great view of
the harbor, emerging at the north end of M Street
Mile 25.6 – Left turn onto M Street at the end of the pedestrian way and then a right turn onto 2nd
Street (full closures)
Mile 25.9 – Right turn onto F Street (full closure)
Miles 26.0 to 26.2 – Runners should angle to the left edge of F Street and continue straight onto the
Eureka Boardwalk, staying to the left side of the Boardwalk to the finish line.

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Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

There will be aid stations offering water, sports drink, fruit and additional food at the following mile marks: 2.9, 4.9, 6.9, 8.9, 10.9, 12.7, 15, 17.5, 19.5, 21.5, 23.4, and 25.2. In addition, there will be two stations offering gel packs only at miles 16.2 and 21.2.


Finisher Medals are given to all participants finishing within the allotted time

Tempo massimo

There is a 6.5 hour time limit


There is a gravel lot at 1st and D, and there is plenty of free and unrestricted street parking and city lots on Sundays.



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Humboldt Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marina Mile

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