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Gutenberg Marathon Mainz

Mainz, Germany

09 mag 2021 (Sun)


42,20km, 21,10km

Gutenberg Marathon Mainz

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The Gutenberg Marathon is a Marathon in Mainz , which takes place in May since 2000. The run was the 600th birthday of Johannes Gutenberg launched by the Office of Public Relations of the City of Mainz. As of 2001, the organization was handed over to the sports department. Sporty host the USC Mainz . The program also includes a half marathon and a race for hand cyclists ; as Ekiden there since 2006 half marathon competition for school seasons and since 2009 a relay marathon in a team of two, in which at the half way mark the space used for the measurement of time ChampionChip is passed. Due to high demand and limited capacity of the event launch sites are regularly booked out months before the event date.

The Gutenberg Marathon Mainz and half marathon, are popular road races in Germany, passing through the stunningly scenic riverside town of Mainz.So far, the four were German Marathon Championships held as part of the Gutenberg Marathon. 2007 Ilona Pfeiffer as the overall winner and Philipp Büttner as fifth overall German master, 2008 Susanne Hahn as the overall winner and Martin Beckmann third overall, 2009 Bernadette Pichlmaier as overall winner and Stefan Koch as fifth overall. 2010 defended Pichlmaier as its fourth overall title, while Dennis Pyka asserted itself as seventh overall in the men.

Punti salienti del corso

Start and finish on the Rhine street between the City Hall and the Rheingold Hall . First, it goes down the Rhine at the Electoral Palace over the Rhine Avenue and from there on the premises of Schott AG to the reversing triangle Mainz by Mombach where the northernmost point of the track is reached. After a new crossing of Mombach it comes to the children euros logical center and the old engine shed by between Hartberg park and railway land to the underpass at the Rheingau Wall . In a loop, you now run by the Town to Emperor street . After a circumnavigation of Christ Church , it goes into the old town. 

At the Cathedral over the route leading to the Rhine road and on a commute to the city park over after Weisenau . Shortly before the end of the first round which is the Museum of Ancient Shipbuilding and the wooden tower happens. In the second round, which will initially Rhine on the Theodor Heuss Bridge crosses, and it closes a loop by Mainz-Kastel and fare home to. About the Heuss bridge, it goes back to the left bank of the Rhine, where km is achieved 28. The rest of the marathon route runs just like the first round, only that this time the shuttle route to Weisenau is omitted. 

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Gutenberg Marathon Mainz

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