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maxi race etna trail

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Distanza Mezza maratona

Data 25-26 lug 2020

Informazioni maxi race etna trail

If you want to truly challenge yourself and gauge your perseverance and running abilities, then look no further than the Etna Trail Marathon! An exciting adventure awaits you, as you go up and down throughout Mount Etna's hills. Etna is Europe's highest active volcano and it is considered a World heritage site by UNESCO, so your eyes will surely be amazed at all the beautiful sights!


Etna Trail 94 km

  • 94km

Etna Trail 52 km

  • 52km

Etna Trail 24 km

  • 21,098km

Etna Trail 12 km

  • 12km

kids race

  • 2km

Etna Trail 101 km

  • 101km

Etna Trail 57 km

  • 57km

Kids race 3 km

  • 3km

Informazioni pratiche

Servizi post-gara

There will be a pasta party at the end of the event.

Limite di età


Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Ambulances with paramedics will be stationed at different points of the path.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Each participant will receive a race pack and a bib.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Refreshments are provided along the way. Only competitors with a visible race number have access to the refreshments.


There is a “truck broom” that will travel the route following the last competitor, to help prevent any injured remain without assistance.


Linguaglossa - Piano Provenzana

95015 Linguaglossa CT, Itália



95015 Linguaglossa CT, Itália




When your eyes see the huge volcano, when you feel the echo of your emotions vibrate inside, when you sense the urge that will get you running, it will bring joy, sweat and it will make you dream and feel alive. When your heart beat quivers with the rhythm in your shoes that will be Etna Trail. So give yourself the pleasure of experiencing a Sicilian dream along with us for 90 kilometres.

You're going to have a great adventure around Mount Etna's volcano and your body and mind will be constantly challenged, due to the terrain and weather conditions of this location.


The race starts at Piano Provenzana, around 9 am. D+/- 1.765 m

maxi race etna trail Trivia

For athletes and their carers who want to discover the magic of our area not to be missed the “Around Etna Tour”, starting from the sea to get to the volcano through rapidly changing landscapes, seaside towns, towns and villages of the hill of the mountain,

A tour between natural beauty and food and wine tours.

To get the discounts reserved for athletes and accompanying call Etna and suggestions Mobile + 39 3491334321 (Rosita)

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