Centre of the Universe Ultra

17 apr 2021 (Sat)


Ultramaratona - 50km

Centre of the Universe Ultra

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Join Centre of the Universe Ultra

Our first event of 2021 will be the “Centre of the Universe 50 km” - a totally unique ultramarathon where you decide the start point (as long as it is outside of a designated 50 KM zone) and you finish up at the "Centre of the Universe" otherwise know as Hackney Wick in East London.

In Covid times we need to get inventive. Large gatherings at the start of ultra-events are difficult. If we keep having mini lockdowns then logistics need to be agile. This event has been set up so that as much of this as possible is taken care of.

We give you a state of the art Tracker (£20 to hire but part of the entry) and all the pre-logistical help you need to plan a start that is 50KM from Hackney. You creating the start means that you already free from others. We provide you with world-class nutrition from the ultramarathon team at KOMFuel (a box circa £20 in value) with enough gels/bars and electrolyte powder to get you to the finish.

Again to be Covid friendly you can run solo or in a team of two.

As with all Camino races, there will exceptional one-off designed trophies for the winners, locally sourced gems in the finisher bag and innovative partnerships with the likes of ReRun & TreesNot Tees.

So sign-up to some new ultramarathon magic.

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Course details

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Start address: 14 E Bay Ln, London E15 2GW, UK

Finish address: 14 E Bay Ln, London E15 2GW, UK

Incluso nella tariffa

TEST: Finisher bag in the Camino style. 

World-class TRACKING and timing from Race Director.  

One-off designed Centre of the Universe item.  

You will receive a ReRun vs Camino Finisher clothing stamp

Informazioni pratiche


Contact Camino [email protected] as we have a wealth of local knowledge that might be useful if you do need accommodation advice

Servizi post-gara

Finish HQ is the "Floating Church" in from of HERE EAST Hackney. Toilets, Hot drink, Brownies, Bag drop and Finisher bag plus much more

Limite di età


Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

Three Aid Stations. 1. Hertford Rowing Club 2. In front of Crown Pub Broxbourne (major food and nutrition HQ run by partners KOMFuel 3. Ponders End


Partners have created a unique stamp that will be used to brand Finishers. Plus unique one-off designs for each Camino 

Servizio di deposito

Yes Barge HQ at finish. Bag drop service and security from start taken to the finish

Tempo massimo

9 Hours


There is plenty of paying parking in both Welwyn and Hackney Wick. Please do check online

Servizio fotografico offerto

amino will have photographers at all our events. More details to be shared to entrants nearer the date



Cosa offre il kit da gara

Typically Camino events do not need special running kit. Please do check emails nearer start date for weather specific updates

Cosa offre il kit da gara

Centre of the Universe is a "Self Supported" Ultra. You will have a KOMFuel nutrition box sent to you which will have gels/bars


You will receive a Tracker from event  (partners


All Camino events are typically in and around London which means that there is very cheap and accessible transport both to and from our events

Refund Policy

Refunds always available at Camino events. Please check our specific events on



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Domande Frequenti

When and where can I collect my BIB/race pack?


Race packs will be mailed out before the event. Any missing packs/spares will be available to collect at the Start HQ

Can someone collect my race pack for me?


You should ensure that your race pack is sent directly. Any issues please contact Camino at [email protected]

How do I get to the race location?


Can I change the distance after I purchase a ticket?



Centre of the Universe Ultra

schedule Annullamento del biglietto 24h

local_activity Offerte e sconti

verified_user Refundable Booking

Le informazioni sulla gara provengono dal sito ufficiale dell'evento o da fonti pubblicamente reperibili. Consulta sempre il sito web ufficiale per le ultime informazioni sulla gara. Informaci tramite email. se alcuni dati sono errati o mancanti.