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Baby Bear 50K Race

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Informazioni Baby Bear 50K Race

The Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the 12 National Forests in the Intermountain Region as well as one of the urban National Forests in the Forest Service System. It covers an area that includes northern and north-central Utah, and southwestern Wyoming.

It is this area that forms the backdrop to the Baby Bear race, the 50K component to the Three Bears Ultramarathon which also features a 100 mile and a 50 mile race.

Experience the beautiful scenery nature has to offer in this landmark, while running the amazing Baby Bear Bear Ultramarathon!

Informazioni pratiche

Postazioni di Pronto Soccorso

The 50K course will have water at 9, full aid at 11.5 (Danish Pass), full aid at 22 (Paris Canyon), water at 24.7, full aid at the finish (31.3).


Runners will receive a finisher medallion as they finish. The top male and female finishers will receive a special award. There is no awards ceremony. All runners may pick a t-shirt or a hat also at the finish.

Servizio di deposito

No drop bag service.


There is quite a bit of parking available near the start by Albert Moser Campground. You can park somewhere between there and Deer Cliff Inn to make the walk back to the car a little shorter.

Cosa offre il kit da gara

There will be a variety of foods available at the aid stations. If you have a specialty food that you think you might need that probably won’t be available, put it in your drop bags.


Albert Moser Campground

Albert Moser Campground, Preston, ID 83263, USA


Deer Cliff Inn

N Deercliff Rd, Preston, ID 83263, USA




The race is situated in the beautiful Wasatch Cache National Forest, in the Bear River Range in southeast Idaho. Much of the course is along the Highline Trail, which provides stunning views of the area.


At Albert Moser Campground, you go to the east end of the campground, and head up a trail that cuts back to the right (south), and climbs for about a mile. Then the trail is rolling for the next mile and a half. You cross a dry creek bed, and then 1/10 mile later you take a left turn in a meadow, and head east on a faint trail. In less than ½ mile you come to a fence. You go left (through a gate). You cross a creek and turn left, heading east. In a little over a mile you come to a 4-wheel road. Go straight onto this road. In a little over a mile, after a bit of a climb, you come to a spring (water trough) to the right. In 1/3 mile you top out on a hill, and head downhill for 2/3 mile. You see a sign ahead. Go left, then left again in 20 yards, heading east. You have a steep climb ahead for about 1 ½ miles. At the top of the climb you come to a 4 wheel road. There should be a water stop here. Go right. In 1 1/3 miles you come to a dirt road. Turn right. In 2/10 mile you see a sign to Danish Pass. Go left. In 3/10 mile the road forks. Take the right fork. In 2/10 mile you take a left turn onto a trail for a short distance, that joins with a dirt road towards Danish Pass. One mile later you take a left turn onto a short-cut trail that take you to Danish Pass 4/10 of a mile later, and the Aid Station.

From Danish Pass you head north on the Highline Trail. In less than a mile you come to a sign, go left. In about 3 ½ miles you come to a rock cairn with signs. Continue northward. Any turn here would be a big mistake! In a little over a half mile you see a sign to Bloomington Lake. (0ff to the right) Continue northward on the left fork of the trail. In a little over 2 miles, a trail joins in from the right. Continue northward. In about 2 ½ miles you come to a maze of trails, that cut down to the northeast. Take your pick. They all lead to Paris. (Canyon, that is). About ½ mile after the maze you leave the 4 wheel trail which veers off to the right, and you continue northward on a single track trail. In a little less than a mile you come to the Paris Canyon Aid Station.

From Paris Canyon Aid you head west up a dirt road that takes you over the mountain. You soon see a road off to the right. Continue straight for about 2 ½ miles of downhill to the water stop. From here you have the choice of going left down a dirt road for 7 1/3 miles to the finish, or veer off to the right onto a trail (6 2/3 miles to the finish). The trail is very steep in places, and not recommended in wet weather. The trail is fairly level for ½ mile through thick forest, then you turn right and climb up a ridge for a while, then head west (left), and climb up to a ridge heading west. You mostly stay on this ridge until you get to the top of a peak. You then drop down the west side of the peak on a very steep trail (be careful) for ½ mile, then continue westerly on cow trails for another ½ mile. You come to a 4-wheel road. Go left. You stay on the road for 1 ¾ miles, then take a sharp left at the edge of a clear-cut area, onto a trail. You head south on this trail for 1 ½ miles to the Cub River Canyon road. Go right, and in 9/10 mile you are at the finish at Deer Cliff Inn.

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