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Mersin Marathon


Emplacement Mersin, Turkey

Distance Marathon

Date 22 mars 2020

À propos Mersin Marathon

The warmth of people of Mersin embraces all humanity with love. You will feel the thousands of years of heritage in the orange-scented streets leading to the sea. Tarsus, the canvas of the most beautiful architectural structures in the empire, directs the fate of the Roman Empire, and Soli Pompeiopolis shedding light on the beginning of civilization.

This city in the midst of the vast Taurus Mountains and the deep blue sea, also managed to capture the Olympic spirit by wearing the missing laurel wreath on its beautiful neck 14 years ago. Mersin’s first marathon began in Tarsus, where history is intertwined with daily life. The organization, which grows more and more every year, crossed the borders of Tarsus after 10 years and as of 2015, it was organized by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality.

Mersin Marathon, which contributes greatly to the promotion of Mersin, exhibits the warmth of all Mediterranean people to the world and establishes bridges of heart among the countries.

The trail, accompanied by magnificent history promises you both an exciting race and a dreamy landscape. We expect all Olympic spirit followers to Mersin on December 16, 2018 to meet in this amazing race where green palm trees will accompany the athletes and spectators.


Mersin Marathon

  • 42,195km


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