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Brijuni Half Marathon & 10K


Emplacement Brijuni, Croatia

Distance Semi-marathon

Rescheduled to 18 oct. 2020

Previous date: 29 mars 2020

À propos Brijuni Half Marathon & 10K

Have you ever been in heaven on Earth? Probably not.
But now you have the ability to run a marathon in a paradise on earth!

Brijuni National Park is an oasis of magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life. On Brijuni, almost 700 plants and 250 species of birds, while the mild Mediterranean climate makes it a pleasant and healing. After leaving Fažana, viewed from the boat, line of green islands transforms into Veliki Brijun, the largest of the 14 islands.

Brijuni Islands is an extraordinary combination of natural and cultural heritage. The mild climate and favorable geographical conditions, deep retracted bays and easily defendable elevated fortifications, ensure the continuity of human activity on the island from prehistoric times to the present. The relatively small islands, covering an area slightly larger than 7 km2, recorded hundreds of sites and archaeological objects, historical and cultural values, which cover the period from the first Neolithic settlements in the dugout bay bay modern fashionable resort and spa at the beginning of the last century and the presidential residence by over 25 years (1954th-1979th) visited statesmen even third of countries worldwide.

Short introduction to Brijuni is by tourist train through the different natural beauties; through the safari park, the Byzantine castrum, Roman residential villa in Verige Bay and many other interesting sights. Along the harbor, close to hotels "Istra", "Neptun" and "Karmen" is the church of St. German from the 15th century which houses an exhibit of Istrian frescoes and copies of Glagolitic monuments. Nearby is the natural science exhibit, archaeological museum and exhibition "Tito on Brijuni".


Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

10 km

  • 10km

Brijuni Half Marathon & 10K ITINERAIRE

Brijuni Half Marathon & 10K ITINERAIRE




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