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UNESCO Heritage Site Marathons & Half Marathons

Unesco Heritage Sites are those places that are so rich in history that the area around them is the foundation not just for those who live nearby, but for human civilizations globally. From the East Africa Serengeti to the Great Barrier Reef, they span the world from corner to corner. Typically on people’s bucket list, they don’t define a region, but ancient origins from which we all come from.

Awe-spiring in their own right, the combination of having running competitions and seeing amazing sites on foot is what aspires people to push themselves beyond human capabilities. If you are looking to compete in a marathon, why not choose a location that is seeping in historical significance, ogle human origins and give people a perspective that they can’t imagine while turning the pages of a history book. The marathons in the Unesco Heritage Site Runs are amazing feats of challenge encircling spectacular feats of world wonders.

Ephesus Ultra Trail

Turkey, Şirince Köyü Nueva fecha 05 septiembre, 2020

Petra Desert Marathon & Half Marathon

Jordan, Petra 05 septiembre, 2020

Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival

Australia, Port Douglas 28 octubre, 2018

Salzburg Marathon

Austria, Salzburg 17 mayo, 2020

Great Wall Marathon

China, Beijing 18 mayo, 2019

Khmer Empire Marathon

Cambodia, Angkor Wat 02 agosto, 2020