Asian Travel Packages 2019


Have you ever dreamed of running and traveling the world, to some of the most historic, beautiful, and enticing Asian countries, but not quite sure where to start? World's Marathons has teamed up with ZX-Tour to not only help make this dream a reality but to also make sure the entire process as simple as possible. We are excited to announce our new Asian travel packages which include guaranteed race entry into some of the most prestigious races in Asia along with hotel accommodations. Additionally, some packages also include special limited edition race gear and transportation on race day to the starting line. Check out below some of our amazing options.

Shanghai International Marathon

  • Run One of China's Most Prestigious Marathons

    A highly anticipated fall marathon with over 35,000 participants, the Shanghai International Marathon is one not to be missed. A fast and flat race passing many Shanghai attractions like the popular promenade called the Bund, the Shanghai Museum, the Longhua Temple and many more, it's no wonder people from all over the world are interested in participating and seeing some of the best sights in China. Using a ballot system for race registration, the Shanghai International Marathon entry means you can try your luck or you can purchase a guaranteed entry with World's Marathons travel package. Let World's Marathons ease your worries by providing you with travel packages that include: guaranteed race entry into your choice of either the marathon or 10k, 2 night 4-star hotel accommodations with breakfast, special limited edition race gear, and shuttle bus transportation to the start line on race day. Feel free to get rid of any stress as World's Marathons, along with ZX-Tour, provides you with the guaranteed race entry and accommodations you need to get you safe and soundly to this sensational international race!

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

  • Participate In One of China's Most Challenging Courses

    Being one of the largest race events in China, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is known to be popular due to its extreme weather and difficult course conditions. High humidity with 150m course elevation change, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon course runs along the Victoria Harbor for a majority of the race. The course continues on bypassing over 3 major bridges and then into and out of two tunnels, one of which is at the 34k mark dropping you below sea level before having to climb back out for the last 5k towards Victoria Park. This hard course and recognized International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Silver Label Road Race definitely brings out many participants who are up for the challenge. Booking a World's Marathons, along with ZX-Tour, travel package for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon gets you guaranteed entry into the winter marathon along with 2 night stay at a 5-star hotel right next to the finish line.

Hangzhou Marathon

  • Recognized As The One Of The Most Beautiful Chinese Race Courses

    For over 22 years, the Hangzhou Marathon has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful Chinese race courses. Recognized by AIMS in 2007, the Hangzhou Marathon offers you gorgeous scenery on this flat course. The race was awarded last year with the Gold Medal Award from the Chinese Athletics Association as the top domestic competition. A great fall marathon, the Hangzhou Marathon, in the eastern part of China passes along most of the West Lake, Tea Gardens and Qiantang River providing some of the most picturesque views. During the marathon weekend, make sure to check out the many other wonderful sights of Hangzhou including the many temples and Xixi National Wetland Park. World's Marathons, along with ZX-Tour, makes it easy to participate in the Hangzhou Marathon with their travel packages which includes: guaranteed entry into your choice of either the marathon or half marathon along with 2 night 4-star hotel accommodations right next to the start and finish line.

Chengdu Marathon

  • Run and Eat Your Way Through This UNESCO City Of Gastronomy

    The 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon is considered to be a world class race as it is hosted in Chengdu, China which is home to many attractions and, more impressively, to some of the finest Sichuan cuisine. This race is China's only candidate to be considered a possible Abbott World Marathon Majors race, and for many good reasons. Chengdu is full of history, dating back 4,000 years and is a 2010 recipient from UNESCO World Heritage site for its gastronomy. Chengdu is also home to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, who can't resist catching a glimpse of the interesting and adorable Giant Pandas? Aside from natural wildlife protection, Chengdu also has many incredible landscapes to admire including Jiuzhaigou Valley, Qingcheng Mountain, and more! Be one of the lucky 30,000 participants with a guaranteed race entry with 2 night 5-star hotel accommodations next to the finish line when you purchase the World's Marathons and ZX-Tour travel package.

Nagoya Women's Marathon

  • Finisher's of This Race Receive an Exclusive Tiffany's Finisher Pendant

    The Nagoya Women's Marathon is an acclaimed wide and fast course to capture your next personal record. Initially, this event was created for determining which elites would go on to the Olympic and World Championships. In 2012, this AIMS certified and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Gold Label Road Race opened its registration to the female public. This fan-favorite race is difficult to get into because of the mostly flat course as it passes many focal points of the city including the Nagoya Dome, City Museum, TV Tower, Castle and more! A 7-hour time limit makes this marathon course beginner friendly. Additionally, each finishing participants receives, from a man in a tuxedo, a classic blue box with an exclusively designed Tiffany's Finisher Pendant along with Menard cosmetic sets. Get your guaranteed entry into this marathon with 2 night 5-star hotel accommodations next to the start and finish line through World's Marathons, partnered with ZX-Tour.