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Quick facts

Location Vänersborg, Sweden

Distance Marathon

About Skräcklanmaraton

This relatively small marathon race takes place in Vänersborgs most beautiful park – with a name which is tricky to pronounce also for Swedes – Skräcklan Park.

It is a great race to select to finnish the running season, in a small and friendly city.

The city is located on the southern shores of lake Vänern, close to the river Göta älv. Vänersborg is a locality and the seat of Vänersborg Municipality, with close to 22 000 inhabitants. The name “Vänersborg” means “fortress at Vänern”. It comes from the fortlet which was built in 1644 for the new town’s protection. The coat of arms is also from 1644, depicting a golden ship and two Swedish flags.



  • 42.2km


  • 21.1km


  • 10km

The café in Skräckleparken



The track is located in Vanersborg scenic Skräcklepark directly adjacent to the lake Vänern

Skräcklanmaraton Trivia

Skräcklan was for a long time pure wilderness, but in the beginning of the 1900 the community started to create a park with long tracks and lots of plantations.

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