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Prince of Wales Island International Marathon

Quick facts

Distance Marathon

Rescheduled to 29 May 2021

Previous date: 23 May 2020

About Prince of Wales Island International Marathon

We are the race venue for those seeking a challenge and stunning scenery in a unique locale.

The wild, unspoiled woodlands of the Tongass National Forest and the highways that carve through this large island in what is known as the Alexander Archipelago along the Alaska panhandle serve as the setting for the Prince of Wales International Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay race.

Prince of Wales Island is part of the Alenxander Archipelago in the southernmost portion of the Alaska panhandle and is the third largest island in the US. Our island is 135 miles long and 40 miles across. Its 900 miles of coastline has numerous bays, coves, inlets and points. The landscape is characterized by steep forested mountains and deep U-shaped valleys that were carved by glacial ice that once covered this area. It is a lush rain forest environment, with summer temperature that range 45 to 75 degrees F.

The Prince of Wales Island Marathon is the standard distance of 26.2 miles and is USATF certified, #AK14007FW. Race times may be used as time qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Craig High School



Prince of Wales Island is the third largest United States island and as such offers much Alaskan natural beauty along the miles of the out-and-back course.  Participants start at the base of Sunnahae Mountain in Craig and immediately venture down the Klawock Inlet along the Inside Passage.  While passing through Klawock, glances of the clan house and mink-raven totem pole will point the way to the more mountainous Big Salt Highway, where mountain peaks, valleys and muskeg areas await all marathoners.  Although this is the more challenging portion of the course, it is also the most inspirational.  Wildlife sightings are not uncommon on race day and add to the uniqueness of the experience.


Our out-and-back course starts at the backdrop of the Sunnahae Mountain at Craig High School and heads north along the Klawock Channel, through the village of Klawock, turning left at the Native clan house, and proceeding along Boundary Road, which turns into Big Salt Lake Highgway, and affords views of some of our most majestic lakes, clear streams, and muskeg areas. The middle, more mountainous portion of the full marathon course presents challenges, but equally inspires participants with Southeast Alaska's natural beauty. The out-and-back half marathon course follows the full marathon course but does not venture into the more mountainous portion. Wildlife sightings are not uncommon on race day.

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