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Quick facts

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Distance Marathon

Date 30 Mar 2019

About Premiärmilen

Saturday, March 24, 2018, "ASICS Premiärmilen" kicks off the racing season! 

ASICS Premiärmilen is the perfect race to start of the year and encourage you to continue your running  during the winter months. The 10K is an official seeding race for ASICS Stockholm Marathon and fast runners will be awarded a place in an early start group. 

The race takes place in Stockholm's unique national park - Ekoparken -  in the middle of the capital. Premiärmilen extends across southern and northern Djurgården towards Ulriksdal. The park is a "green lung" and the perfect place to run. 

In 2016, ASICS Premiärmilen outlined a new course. The starting area is placed 500 meters from the  underground station - T-Universitetet. You run a lap on a relatively flat and fast 10 K lane. The substrate is mainly asphalt. The course is controlled by Micke Hill, one of the Swedish Athletics Association's approved surveyors.



  • 10km

Premiärmilen Route Map

Premiärmilen Route Map


Stora Skuggans Väg, Stockholm, Sverige

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