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Ouray 50 Mile Endurance Run

Quick facts

Distance Ultra marathon - 80km

About Ouray 50 Mile Endurance Run

The mountains and canyons surrounding Ouray are filled with some of the West’s most unforgettable scenery. Heritage activities abound along the back roads and Scenic Byways: you can see vistas where old Hollywood westerns were filmed and explore high country ghost towns that were once booming mining cities. Ouray’s roads, carved from historic wagon trails, traverse a variety of terrain from extreme high mountain passes and rugged winding roads to wide, flower-filled meadows and pastoral valleys.

The City of Ouray was named after Chief Ouray of the Ute Indian Tribe. The chief was known for his leadership abilities, attempting to secure a treaty with the U.S. Government that would allow the Uncompahgre Band of Utes to stay in Colorado after an Ute uprising elsewhere in the state. Ultimately, the Utes were forced out of Colorado to present-day reservations in Utah. The majestic San Juan Mountains that were once valuable hunting grounds to the Ute Indians became home to a new group, the rugged and hardy miners of the North American Gold Rush. This city is the host of the annual Ouray 50 Mile Endurance Run.

The Ouray 50 starts at Fellin Park and joins the 100 milers for the last 50 of their race. With over 20k feet of elevation gain, this is one of the most difficult 50 milers in the world.



Camping available at KOA campground.

After Race Services

Ouray Hot Springs has pay showers ($2) and towel rentals ($2).

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be stocked with your standard ultra fare: fruit, sweet snacks, salty snacks, water, sports drink, etc.. The first two physical aid stations (Lower Camp Bird, Richmond Trailhead) will not have hot food. All of the remaining aid stations (excluding the water-only Richmond Trailhead on return trip) will have hot food (soup, ramen, grilled cheese, quesadillas, etc.). ​ The five physical aid stations with hot food (Ironton, Weehawken, Crystal Lake, Fellin Park, Silvershield) will also have propane space heaters.

Award Medals

Oversized belt buckle for finishers. Custom place awards for top 3 M/F. $500 cash for top male and top female finisher.

Maximum Time

24 hour


Pre-race Pasta Dinner


Fellin Park

Ouray Hot Springs Park, 1001 Million Dollar Highway, Ouray, CO 81427, USA




Ouray County Historical Museum

Ute Indian Museum

San Juan Mountains


The Ouray 50 starts at Fellin Park and joins the 100 milers for the last 50 of their race. Single track trails include: Weehawken/Alpine Mine Overlook, Hayden/Crystal Lake, Old Twin Peaks, Silvershield, Perimeter Trail/Lower Cascade, Chief Ouray Mine, and Old Horsethief/Bridge of Heaven.

Ouray 50 Mile Endurance Run Trivia

Ouray is called The Switzerland of America.

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