Louis Persoons Marathon

Quick facts

Location Genk, Belgium

Distance Marathon

Date January

About Louis Persoons Marathon

"It is heart warming, seeing an athlete crossing the finish line, crying of happiness and feeling an organizer grabbing you and hugging you and also shedding a tear of joy! Seeing this, a spectator joins in and starts crying too.

This is the picture and the lovely atmosphere which makes this marathon famous and unique!"

The Louis Persoons marathon and half marathon take place in the Belgium province of Limburg in the city of Genk. Louis Person was a Belgian marathon runner who several times run the New York Marathon. His friends and athletic club The Demer from Genk, Belgium had the plan shaped in 2002 to sympathize thier fellow runner Louis so not to forget and to remember him in a Marathon. Annually Traditionally, in January this course perfectly organized by the people of ADD. It is also the family of their prematurely deceased friend at present. The races are several laps of a mainly forrested beautiful 6km course. Four fifths of the course is traffic-free.


Aid Stations

As for the marathon there's 1 refreshment station each lap providing water, coke, raisins, dark chocolate, bananas, sugar , warm tea and gingerbread. As for the 21 km and 12 km: 1 refreshment station each lap which provides water and coke

Award Medals

An awards ceremony will begin at 3 p.m..There will be no prize money whatsoever available for the winner(s). It's a memorial and the family of our beloved friend Louis Persoons like to have it this way. We respect this wish.Each finisher gets an exclusive medal.Each pre-registered marathon and half marathon competitor gets a free cup of soup and a sandwich, cheese or hamMoreover, the first three men and women of both marathon and half marathon will get a trophy.


Each competitor gets his/her own, personalised bib number with a chip and on which his/her name is printed.

Louis Persoons Marathon Route Map

Louis Persoons Marathon Route Map



Kattevennen, Genk, Belgium



Kattevennen, 3600 Genk, Belgium




All competitions are held on a 6 km course, with a pre-start of 195 m. 

Marathon : 195 m + 7 laps of 6 km

21, 098 km : 3,098 km pre-start + 3 laps of 6 km 

2,195 km : 195 m + 2 laps van 6 km

6,195 km : 195 m + 1 lap of 6 km.

4/5 of the circuit is free of traffic and all competitions are held in an afforested recreation area known as Kattevennen at Genk. The other part (ca. 1 km) runs through the traffic calmed quarter named Gelieren. Here you have to follow the common traffic regulations. Each participant takes part at his/her own risk. The entire course is perfect for running and consists only of asphalted narrow streets and paths.

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