Taipei International Marathon

Quick facts

Location Taipei, Taiwan

Distance Marathon

Date January

About Taipei International Marathon

Fubon Taipei Marathon is a series of road races which takes place in Taipei, Taiwan. The event includes a series of races, Marathon, Half Marathon, 9K and Fun Run. This marathon competition made great impacts on recruiting local volunteers from financial, academical, and governmental people.


Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza

jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza


Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza

jen ai road, taipei city, taipei




The route goes as follows: Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza → Zhongshan Road → Zhongshan Road → →new North Riverside Street (Lin An-tai Old House) → Dajia Riverside Park Riverside Park →wind into the left bank of Riverside Park → U.S. wheat more handsome a bridge embankment Road →into the United States the right bank of the Rainbow Riverside Park, Riverside Park Riverside Park →United States embankment Maruyama right bank of Riverside Park Riverside Park →Bailing Bailing Bailing Bridge, the more the left bank of the causeway Riverside →Dajia Riverside Park Park, Riverside Park →wind tower you → Watergate Road, Tower 5, healthy way you ramp on the elevated road → Keelung Road, wheat handsome two bridge ramp → Guangfu South Road, Xinyi Road →to enter the end of Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza.

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