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Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon

Quick facts

Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Distance Marathon

Date 05 Apr 2020

About Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon

***This event has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak***

Run in Cluj-Napoca. Become a legend in Transylvania. 

Inspired by the stories of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon runners, this edition of the marathon continues to bear the fingerprints of these unique biographies slowly converting into a track record to be admired! Along with our theme GROW YOUR WINGS! BE A LEGEND IN TRANSYLVANIA! we welcome you to run in the vibrant Cluj-Napoca - the Running Capital of Transylvania and share your personal stories in the race to overcome yourself. #growyourwings #bealegendintransylvania 

Become one of the living sports legends of Transylvania! Book your stay in Cluj-Napoca and start training! Each training, each obstacle that you overcome, each step will get you to the FINISH line! During each race, you will realize that invisible but strong trained wings carry you closer to your dream!

Since we are by your side and we celebrate each victory, Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon team, ran by Runners Club in partnership with Cluj-Napoca Municipality and Local Council, has prepared a set of special training and events for each runner category.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.098km

10K Cross

  • 10km

Marathon Relay

  • 42.195km

5k Cross

  • 5km

Kid's Race

  • 0.8km


Maximum Time

6h marathon, 3h half marathon, 5h marathon relay, 2h 10K, 1h 5K

Race Kit Includes

The race kit includes the official T-shirt, race number and race chip.

Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon Route Map

Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon Route Map



Cluj Arena

Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Start: Cluj Arena – Splaiul Independentei – Uzinei Electricestr – Stadium Alley – George Cosbuc str – Motilor str – Gh.Sincaistr – Napoca str – Universitatii str – Mihail Kogalniceanustr – Baba Novac str– I.C. Bratianu str– Universitatii str – Eroilor bd – Baba Novac str – I. Maniu str – Unirii Square – Napoca str– Gh Sincai str – Motilor str – Cosbuc str – Cardinal Iuliu Hosu str– E. Isac str– Memorandumului str – 21 Decembrie str – turn at Prefecture building – December 21st str – King Ferdinand str– George Baritiu str – Cardinal I. Hosu str – George Cosbuc str – Central Park – turn – George Cosbuc str – Splaiul Independentei – turn at the Hungarian Opera – Splaiul Independentei – Napoca Bridge- December 1st 1918 str- turn- 1 December 1st 1918str– Pod Garibaldi – Splaiul Independentei – Iuliu Hatieganu Park – Splaiul Independentei – Garibaldi Bridge –December 1st 1918 st – Napoca Bridge– Splaiul Independentei – Cluj Arena . Finish

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