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Beer Lovers' Marathon

Quick facts

Location Liège, Belgium


Date 21 May 2018

About Beer Lovers' Marathon

We came to the idea of organizing the Beer Lovers Marathon in 2012 during the Marathon du Médoc …
It was the first marathon for many of us and we really had a good time. Although it was 32°C, the costumes, the bands, the atmosphere and the tasting really helped us to finish this mythical distance with a smile on our face.

On our way back we asked ourselves” Why don”t we have a similar event in Belgium. We have a world reputation in folklore, chocolates, beer, waffles, frites, etc. Shouldn’t we organize this at home?”. But due to lack of time and resources we didn’t go further.

We enjoyed the concept so much that the year after we took part in the “Champenoise”, a shorter race, but full of bubbles. There again we dreamed about organising this at home.

The project really took off on September 29th 2014, the day following our participation in the Berlin Marathon. We went to the fitness to do a bit of biking to relax our muscles and we meet a woman with a “Marathon du Médoc” T-Shirt. We start a conversation and… MIRACLE, she was the wife of one of the founder of the Marathon du Médoc. We immediately exchange our emails and then the great adventure began! Two founders, Michel and Bruno, invited us to meet them in Bordeaux for a weekend and explained us everything about the Marathon du Médoc. Thanks to their advices we could build a project file that we submitted to the city councillor for tourism in Liège. And after some months and a lot of work, the project was accepted!

Michel and Bruno came to run the BLM in 2016! It was an honour for us to welcome them!


After Race Services

MassageAfter party (drinks and food)

Aid Stations

In addition to conventional water and energy supply, all runners will have the opportunity to discover and taste 16 different belgian beers along the way (no obligation of course). Each stop will also be accompanied by a musical animation (fanfare, percussionists, DJs, …) in order to guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere and to motivate the marathon runners throughout their effort !

Award Medals

yes - but it's a surprise!

Maximum Time

limited to a maximum time of 6h30.

Provided Photo Service

all photos are available for free after the event on our facebook page

Beer Lovers' Marathon Route Map

Beer Lovers' Marathon Route Map


Archéoforum, Place Saint Lambert

N3, 4000 Liège, Belgium


Archéoforum, Place Saint Lambert

Place St Lambert 45-47, 4000 Liège, Belgium




Wallonia’s largest city has a bit of a downbeat feel at first glance, but don't be deceived. It doesn’t take much scratching to discover an entirely different Liège, a living architectural onion with layer upon layer of history lying just beneath the disfigured surface. Proudly free-spirited citizens are disarmingly friendly and no Belgian city bubbles with more joie de vivre. With an excellent eating scene and lively nightlife, Liège is quirky, urban and oddly compulsive.


Important is to know that the first 10 Km are pretty hilly. We want to attrack your attention on two specific moments.

1) The escalation of the Buren Stairs (famous in Liège). It’s a 374 steps stairway and climb 194 m. We recomend you not to run them but to enjoy the view on the city. Once on top of the strairs, the road continues to climb for 200m. Please remain at a slow pace!

2) 3km after the Bueren stairs, you will run on the “Rue des Cotillages” that also ends with a steep 200m.
After that the route remains flat for the 30+ next kilomètres. Let us remind you once more that the total distance equals a real marathon, hence make sure to manage the effort all along that distance.

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.