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Auray - Vannes

Quick facts

Location Auray, France

Distance Half marathon

About Auray - Vannes

The Auray-Vannes Half Marathon (French: Semi-marathon d’Auray-Vannes) is an annual road running competition over the half marathon distance (21.097 km) which takes place in early September in Brittany, France. The point-to-point course begins in the commune of Auray and finishes in the Stade de Kercado in nearby Vannes. Nearly 5000 people participated in the event in 2011. A record 6378 runners finished the half marathon in 1999.

The event was first held on 14 September 1975 under the organisation of the event-dedicated Association Courrir Auray Vannes and it has been held every September thereafter. In addition to the main half marathon, there are jogging and walking activities available as well as the shorter 10 km Arradon Vannes run (first held in 2001). The events take place around the natural harbour of the Gulf of Morbihan.

The half marathon competition attracts both amateur and elite-level competitors. The men’s course record of 1:02:12 hours was set in 2001 by Kenya’s William Cheseret. Rose Chelimo, another Kenyan, set the women’s course record of 1:11:27 hours at the 2011 edition. In 1999, the competition acted as the French men’s national championship race and Abdellah Béhar won the title. The race received IAAF Bronze Label Road Race classification in 2011.



  • 21.097km

10 km

  • 10km

5 km

  • 5km

Commune of Auray



Stade de Kercado



A beautiful setting in one of the most beautiful sites in France: the Gulf of Morbihan, with its magical light, islands, birds, boats


The point-to-point course begins in the commune of Auray and finishes in the Stade de Kercado in nearby Vannes. Sprint, on the road, in the countryside and on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan. Three difficulties: the coast of Baden 8th km, Coast Herbon small but long at km 14, and not far from the finish, the hump of Vincin stiffly but where the audience is applauding many runners . Arrival on stage Kercado in Vannes. 10 km is an online race between Arradon and Vannes.

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