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2X2 Race

Quick facts

Location Balea Lac, Romania

Distance Ultra marathon - 48km

About 2X2 Race

2X2 RACE is the only mountain running race in Romania that is completely above 2000m altitude, being extremely technical and definitely one of the hardest mountain ultra-marathons in the world.

The course has 45km length and 4200m vertical climb and takes the competitors on the two highest peaks in Romania, Moldoveanu (2544m) and Negoiu (2535m), on top of the spectacular ridge of the Fagaras Mountains.

X2 RACE is an incredibly spectacular race given it’s technical track and huge positive altitude gain (1900m D+) to length ratio, that takes place completely 2000m above sea level, in the Făgăraș Mountains, reaching the second highest peak in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, Negoiu (2535m).

Competitors will be selected after verifying the acceptance conditions, that emphasize having at least a moderate mountain running experience, to ensure handling the physical and mental effort they will endure.


X2 Race

  • 28.96812km

2X2 Race

  • 48km



100 meters from the race start (Balea Lake heliport, across the street from Paltinu Lodge) the organizers, with the generosity of the people from Cartisoara, offer the possibility of free camping (tents only and race number required) in the area to the right of the Transfagarsan road (DN 7C) while looking at the tunnel, around the ASMS Mountain Rescue Hut (white with red hut). Toilet and shower access is not free and is available at the paid parking and also at the lodges and cabins in the area. Camping is also possible at the private camping site (between the cable cart lodge and the lodge on the lake). Free camping is also possible, on both valleys, north and south of the tunnel.

Aid Stations

All the events included in the 2X2 RACE are organised with the approval and collaboration the Mountain Police and Mountain Rescue Services of both Sibiu and Argeș counties. All the routes will be overseen by members of the Mountain Rescue Service, seeking to identify any potentially dangerous situations and act accordingly. The competitors must obey without any complains all the recommendations and decisions taken by the representatives of the Mountain Rescue Service, otherwise bearing the risk of being disqualified. Additional information will be offered during the last technical meeting.

Maximum Time

2X2 - 14h; X2 - 10h


Because in August, Balea Lac is extremely crowded, parking is very difficult. It is possible wherever you find a place where traffic is not affected and also at one of the two paid parking places, on the left and right of the Transfagarasan road (DN 7C) while looking at the tunnel from the north side. To avoid problems we recommend arriving as soon as possible on Friday.

Provided Photo Service

Before, during and after the race the organisers can take photos with the competitora and / or the spectators of the event. By taking part in the events associated to the 2X2 RACE the implicitly express their approval that such materials can be used by the organisers for video clips, photo montages, covers and / or any other materials in order to promote the competition and the area of Bâlea Lac.


Competitors will be selected after verifying the minimal acceptance conditions, that emphasize having at least a moderate mountain running experience, to ensure handling the huge physical and mental effort they will endure.


The competitors bear the whole responsibility for providing themselves with enough food and hydration supplies to complete the race. The organisers will set food and hydration points.( Map 2X2 or Map X2). There are water springs throughout the trails but the organisers recommend the competitors to bring their own water supplies along. Any exterior help is forbidden. There is a dedicated space in the hydration / supply point where the competitors can receive personal assistance but no supplies of beverages can be transferred from the supporters or spectators to the competitors. The personal assistance space will be defined and marked by the organisers.


Balea Lac is situated 77 km from Sibiu, 130 km from Brasov and 230 km from Bucharest. During the summer it is possible to reach it by car on the Transfagarasan road (DN 7C) and all year long with the cable car from Balea Cascada on the north side valley.


Balea Lac,ro



The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.