100 km Pharaonic Race

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Location Egypt

Distance Ultra marathon - 100km

About 100 km Pharaonic Race

The race will be 100 Km long with both individual ultra and
2-5 person relay categories. Each team consists of 5 members will be running in
succession (relay). The coach can change runners BUT each runner has to run 10
Km each. Each solo runner and teams will have their own car for supplies (food,
drinks..etc.). There will be inspecting points every 10 Km, where the teams can
change their runners.

The idea was first initiated when in 1977 the Egyptian Egyptologist,  Ahmed
Moussa, who while digging discovered a piece of rock telling the story of Paranoiac soldiers running a race of 100 km.

This race took place inn 690-665 B.C, during the region of King Taharaka, when the King went to inspect an army camp and found the soldiers in perfect physical fitness. It was then that he laid down the rules for the running race.

The race was and still is held in the area between Sakkara Fayoum Oasis and Sakkara Pyramid, passing by Hawara Pyramid at fayoum, Kefren Pyramid, Elleshet Pyramid, Dahshour Pyramid, Memphis, and ending at Sakkara Pyramid.

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Aid Stations

Around the road 

Award Medals

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Maximum Time

6Am To 5Pm




water & Banana 


Available from the official race Hotel 

100 km Pharaonic Race Route Map

100 km Pharaonic Race Route Map


Hawaret Al Maqtaa, Al Fayoum, Faiyum Governorate, Egypt


252 ش الهرم، الهرم، Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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