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Best Wine Runs Around The World

Marathons don’t have to be all about the challenge, some you can do just for fun. The marathons in the run ’n’ dine category are more about the journey getting there than the competition of being first. Not just for running enthusiasts, they encompass the best of scenic adventures followed by some elegant and spectacular festivities and events. Giving incentive to crossing the finish line, what waits just past is a delight for all your senses.

Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon

Canada, Kelowna 23 junio, 2018

Enchanted Forest Wine Run

United States of America, Reinhart Volunteer Park, Grants Pass 28 septiembre, 2019

Wineglass Marathon

United States of America, Corning 04 octubre, 2020

Marathon du Médoc

France, Pauillac 11 septiembre, 2021

Napa Valley Marathon

United States of America, Calistoga 07 marzo, 2021