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Best Night Runs

Most of us have a hard enough time running during the day, but there is something life affirming and so adventurous about heading out for a run at night. When everything else is quiet, it is just you and the open sky. For the runner who is looking for something new to conquer, nocturnal running is not only something outside the ordinary; it can add a little excitement and fun into any competition.

Running at night takes a lot of stamina since that is typically when we sleep. Confusing the body, sometimes the only thing that can keep you going is the competition next to you, the camaraderie you feel with others who have taken the darkness leap and the ability to say “I ran a marathon at night”, just because you can.

Polar Night Half Marathon

Norway, Tromsø 09 enero, 2021

Night Sweats Fall

United States of America, Fort Baker, Sausalito 22 agosto, 2020

Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon

Norway, Tromsø 20 junio, 2020
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Zadar Night Half Marathon - CROATIA

Croatia, Zadar Nueva fecha 12 septiembre, 2020


Thailand, 13 abril, 2020

ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Luxembourg 15 mayo, 2021

Bilbao Bizkaia Night Marathon

Spain, Bilbao 24 octubre, 2020