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Historic City Runs

Most runners have many things in common, among them are fierce competition, the need to challenge themselves to new heights and the desire to see the world all on foot. Literally, strapping on their shoes and seeing all that the world has to offer, is a running enthusiast's dream. Historical city marathons offer the best of all worlds. Not a boring moment in sight, the historical perspective of ancient ruins, cities long since forgotten, or wonders of the world, are all on display while runners make their way to the finish line.

Not only is the marathon itself the goal, but so too is to see things that everyone should before they take their last breath. What marathoners do during these historic marathons is take in the beauty of the world around them, gain lifetime experiences and create memories that will last forever. Traveling the world in a unique way, marathoners who take on the historic place marathon destinations gain so much more than just crossing a finish line.

Athens Classic Marathon

Greece, Athens 08 noviembre, 2020

Tallinn Marathon: VIRTUAL RACE

Estonia, Tallinn 12 septiembre, 2020

run Rome the Marathon 2020

Italy, Rome 29 marzo, 2020
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6ª Corrida Portucale Generali

Portugal, Vila Nova de Gaia Nueva fecha 15 noviembre, 2020

Bagan Temple Marathon

Myanmar, Bagan 28 noviembre, 2020

Berlin Marathon

Germany, Berlin 27 septiembre, 2020

Brussels Airport Marathon & Half Marathon

Belgium, Brussels Nueva fecha 03 octubre, 2021

Volkswagen Prague Marathon

Czech Republic, Prague 11 octubre, 2020
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Istanbul Marathon

Turkey, Istanbul 08 noviembre, 2020

5th Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon

Ukraine, Lviv 23 agosto, 2020
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Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon

Lithuania, Vilnius 13 septiembre, 2020