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Running Races At High Altitudes

The phrase “uphill battle” is something we can all relate to. It is a feeling like everything is a little tougher than it should be, more extreme than we can sometimes handle and that there is typically very little breaks along the way. That is what defines the marathons in this category. 

The races in the high altitude series are some of the most arduous events that challenge even the most seasoned athlete’s sensibilities. Extreme training and a thirst to overcome the harshest conditions the body can be subjected to, marathon runners who participate in these races can consider themselves among the best athletes around the globe. Often seeking them out among the thousands of marathons globally to choose from, specifically for the tough landscapes, these marathons are certainly in a class all their own.

St. George Marathon

United States of America, St George 03 octubre, 2020

Madeira Island Ultra Trail

Portugal, Porto Moniz 17 abril, 2021

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

Nepal, Mount Everest 29 mayo, 2021

Tromsø Mountain Challenge

Norway, Tromsø 22 agosto, 2020

Pikes Peak Marathon

United States of America, Colorado Springs 22 agosto, 2020


Germany, Wernigeröde 10 octubre, 2020