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Tesla Hertz Run


Distancia Ultramaratón

Acerca de Tesla Hertz Run

10 mile loop on trail. Starting at the most Northern point of the Pine Barrens Long Island Greenbelt Trail. The racers will run on a section of the greenbelt trail which is well maintained, with some technical spots and soft sand. Some rolling hills and a slight elevation change around the 8th mile of each loop.

There are two road crossings, both will be monitored by a volunteer. We’re going to ask crew members to please refrain from meeting your runners at the crossings. There isn’t much room on the shoulders and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.


Tesla Hertz 50K Run

  • 50km

Tesla Hertz 100 Mile Run

  • 160,934km

Tesla Hertz 100K Run

  • 100km

Tesla Hertz 50 Mile Run

  • 80,467km

Tesla Hertz 10 Mile Run

  • 16,0934km


Puestos de avituallamiento

The course will have two major aid stations, New Country Aid Station, which is the start and end of every loop, and Whiskey Girl, which is just about the halfway mark, at 5.14 miles. At New Country runners can leave a drop bag at the start with anything needed for the race, we will have shelter there. Crew can access this point.


Whiskey Girl has a larger parking lot along with roadside parking, where crew members can see their runners here. We will also provide drop bag service for any runner who needs their “special items” here.


Both aid stations will be well stocked with water, HEED, Hammer Gels and tasty treats, sandwiches, baked items and the hot foods for late night hours. If you’ve got any requests please send them to [email protected] so we can make sure they are there.




Northern point of the Pine Barrens Long Island Greenbelt Trail

Rocky Point,us


You’ll be running on some of the nicest trails the the Long Island Greenbelt has to offer.


 The course is set up as a loop, with a little less than .4 mile of an out and back to get you to the Whiskey Girl Aid Station. You’ll be following the white/blue trail all the way south to aid and then come back on the red. Pretty easy. There will be pink survey tape markings 100% of the time. So you can just stick with those.

First – each loop is 10.4 miles ( roughly) which means something REALLY cool. YOU have a chance at not only running 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 WHOLE marathons in a ROW, yeah that’s right one right after the other. That’s something pretty awesome.

Second – The course is pretty flat. Even by Long Island standards there aren’t a LOT of hills. Though there are a few and you’ll be running over them 10 times, so it’s still not easy. Please don’t let the course being flat fool you. This is NOT an easy 100 miler. There are a lot of twists and turns, it’s fun and exciting, but don’t think you’re just going to wing it. Last year we had over a 75% DNF rate in the 100m option alone!

Third – The terrain! Again, it’s Long Island so there isn’t a lot of different surfaces you can run on around here. Though, it’s beautiful. You’ll be running through some Pine Barrens, some access paths, and some beautiful areas really. 99% trail. You have to cross 1 road twice. So in short, a lot of loose dirt, some minor roots, and a bunch of pine needles.

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