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Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon


Ubicación Nairobi, Kenya

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 25 oct. 2020

Acerca de Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon holds a special place in the Athletics Kenya calendar since inception as the first major marathon attracting thousands of participants. The event has become the signature annual sports event and social event that brings together runners and supporters from all over the country as well as foreign participants to Nairobi, the beautiful capital city of Kenya and home of the greatest distance runners in the world.

From humble beginnings back in 2003 with 4,000 participants to current participation of 20,000 participants, the marathon has marked major milestones fully achieving its objectives as set on the onset.

Standard Chartered Bank will this year host another edition of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. The Bank, with the support of event organizers, Athletics Kenya, have built an event that has become internationally renowned and has placed Kenya on the international map. The Marathon is the flagship project for our ‘Seeing is Believing’ community imitative that aims to raise funds for the needy in the community.

Last year’s event attracted over 19,000 participants from all walks of life.

The objectives of the marathon are to:

  • Raise the profile of Kenya internationally;
  • Help identify and provide opportunity for the local athletic talent to excel;
  • Help boost tourism to Kenya;
  • Create a community event for everyone’s enjoyment; and
  • Raise funds for the needy in the community, that is, our “Seeing is Believing” community initiative.

The marathon has achieved all these objectives in good measure. It has put Kenya on the world map as it continues to attract international runners therefore increasing the profile of our nation. Furthermore, hundreds of people have traveled to Kenya to run the last 10 marathons and after the event have proceeded on holiday to some of Kenya’s tourist attractions.

The marathon has received vast media coverage over the years which have seen the event broadcasted around Africa and other international news channels as well as in our local media.

The Nairobi Marathon has also served as a platform where budding athletes have launched their international careers. Since the launch of the Marathon in 2003 only one winner has successfully defended their title. Every year the marathon produces new winners.

The Nairobi Marathon is now an event for all Kenyans, including corporate organizations that use it as a forum for team building.

This year, Standard Chartered extended its sponsorship for the marathon for another five years. Together with Athletics Kenya, we have creatively modeled the Nairobi Marathon into different categories to suit all. From the grueling full and half marathon that call for extreme courage and endurance, to the 10km, the wheelchair race and the family fun run, the Nairobi marathon has something for everyone.



  • 42,195km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

Family-Fun Race

  • 5km

10KM Race

  • 10km

Nyayo National Stadium



  • Uhuru Park
  • Nyayo Stadium.
  • Nairobi National Park.


Full Marathon start. Start Line is 100 metres before Bunyala roundabout. The City loop The first section of the Full Marathon route is a tour of the City of Nairobi (the City Loop) passing through Uhuru Highway, Uhuru Park, University Way Roundabout, Kenyatta Avenue, Harambee Avenue, Haile Selassie Rd. and back past the Nyayo Stadium. The Mombasa Road Loop 1st passage The Marathon route continues down the Mombasa Rd (the Mombasa Road loop) straight on past the half marathon turning point (Vitafoam) and, at Enterprise Rd, crossing over to one side of the dual carriageway, but still continuing straight on. The turning point on the Mombasa Road for the Full marathon is on the approach to Airport North Road (City Cabanas). From the turning point Full marathon Runners return to Lusaka Rd Roundabout to start a second passage of the Mombasa road Loop. The Mombasa Road Loop 2nd passage The second passage of the Mombasa Rd loop is identical to the first On completion of the second Mombasa Road loop, at Lusaka Rd roundabout, full marathon athletes turn into Langata Rd on route to Nyayo Stadium. The Full Marathon enters Nyayo Stadium through GATE 2 and circumnavigates the athletics track to finish opposite VIP dais in main stand.

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