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Maraton de La Paz - Bolivia


Ubicación La Paz, Bolivia

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 08 mar. 2020

Acerca de Maraton de La Paz - Bolivia

The La Paz Marathon is an effort to keep the flame of the marathon alive in the capital of Bolivia.

The city of La Paz, recently called City of Heaven, has a very special topography. It is built in a valley, has therefore very few flat streets and almost all of them are important. The design of the route goes along the slopes of this valley. 42.2 km are within a rugged topography and also a route that has minimal vehicular traffic. 

The marathon starts at 3370m and finishes at 3280m, but has to pass highest points of 3950 and 3930 meters, with a total descent of 1390 meters. 

It is basically a self supported race. The route is marked with stickers and paint but it is not closed to traffic. You can also download a GPS map from the official website.
At certain points there are manned checkpoints.

There is no assistance from city authorities but police forces are helpful.

This is definitely a serious adventure!


8vo Maratón de La Paz

  • 42,195km

Half marathon

  • 21,098km

10 Km run

  • 10km



There are hotels near the finish. They give a discount. A minor number of participants can stay at the organiser's place.

Servicios después de la carrera

Food, water, art museum and medals marking with the time and position.

Límite de edad

Youngster below 16 in company of adults. Run and half marathon 17 and 18 allowed. Marathon only 18 and above.

Puestos de avituallamiento

5 for sure, maybe 6 or 7.

Medallas de finalización

Of course. For every finisher. Prizes are not money. Just gifts from supporters.

Almacenamiento de equipos

Yes, at all three starts.

Tiempo máximo

6 hours for marathon runners. With a cut off time at km 32 in 4 hours.


Its an A to B run. To the start you better go by public transportation. A block away from the finish there is a nice parking area.

Servicio de fotografía proporcionado

Not a profesional one, but one that you can remember.

La bolsa del corredor incluye

Bag, sun screen protector, T-shirt.


Water, fruits and raisins.


Manual. Checkpoints 5.


Cable car. Local buses.

Maraton de La Paz - Bolivia MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE

Maraton de La Paz - Bolivia MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE


Av. Buenos Aires, La Paz, Bolivia


Mallasa, Bolivia

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..