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Lucca Half Marathon




The Lucca Half Marathon is a national competition Fidal on the distance of 21097 mt. The path, fluid, flat, paved and completely closed to traffic is to be repeated 2 times. The Departure is due at 9amon the Urban Walls of Lucca, which, intact and beautiful, are the green lung of the City of Baluardo. The 4223 mt ring is the ideal place for runners and walkers in Lucca to train and socialize. Start is expected at the height of Porta Elisa, a place from which you can see in the distance the Finish area, which in turn a few dozen meters from the Expo of the event located in the historic and beautiful Villa Bottini. At Expo, where competitors can retrieve their pettorals and race packs on Saturday, May 6, there are baggage storage, dressing area, and final refreshment. The route includes a round of Mura and then get off and take the ring road around it and then enter the city in the characteristic and monumental streets of the city, all, as already mentioned, to repeat 2 times. The limit time is set to 3 hours. The Expo, Start and Finish areas are a few tens of meters away from each other. Arriving by train from the train station the Core of the Lucca Half Marathon is well within walking distance. For any information regarding the stay and the registration of individuals and groups we are at your disposal.

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..