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Lake Hodges Trail Fest


Distancia Ultramaratón - 50km

Acerca de Lake Hodges Trail Fest

The Lake Hodges Trail Fest is an event with something for the whole family, from the endurance crazed to the kids, we’ve got a distance for you. Choose from the Lake Hodges 50K, the Hunt for Hodgee 15K or 5K, and don’t forget to sign the kid’s up for the the 1 Mile Fun Run!


Kid's 1 Mile Hodgee Hunt

  • 1,60934km

Lake Hodges 50K

  • 49,9861004km

Hunt For Hodgee 15K

  • 14,966862km

Hunt For Hodgee 5K

  • 4,988954km


Medallas de finalización

All finishers will receive a unique Hunt for Hodgee finishers medal and Hunt for Hodgee technical T-shirt.

Tiempo máximo

The 50K has an 8.5 hour cutoff.


There are 4 primary parking locations for the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. Parking lot “A” holds a very small number of vehicles, so it will fill up very quickly. Parking lot “B” holds about 80 vehicles. Once parking lot “B” has reached capacity, the remainder of cars will be directed to Parking Lots “C” and “D.” If you do not want to wait in line to get in to parking lot “B” you are welcome to park in lots “C” and “D” upon arrival. It’s a very short walk across the fields to get to the check-in and start line. 5K runners and Kid’s Run participants should park in lots “C” & “D” unless arriving early for other distance events.


50K Aid Stations will be stocked with at minimum: Water, Electrolyte Drink, Gels, Fruit (Oranges/Bananas), Chips, and Pretzels.


Rancho Bernardo Community Park

San Diego,us


Mile 0 – START – Rancho Bernardo Community Park
Head NORTH-WEST towards lake – Double Track Trail
Mile 0.6 – HARD RIGHT – Double Track to Single Track Trail
Mile 1.34 – HARD LEFT on sidewalk at W. BERNARDO DR. – Paved Sidewalk
Mile 1.5 – HARD LEFT at Bridge to cross lake – Paved Bridge
Mile 1.67 – HARD LEFT at end of Bridge – Double Track Trail
Mile 2.4 – Small Creek Crossing
Mile 3.25 – BEAR RIGHT along upper trail – Mix of Double/Single Track
Mile 4.3 – BEAR RIGHT – Mix Double/Single Track
Mile 4.5 – BEAR RIGHT – Double Track Trail
Mile 4.6 – U-TURN – AID STATION #1
Mile 7.6 – BEAR LEFT and follow trail PAST BRIDGE – Mix of Fire Road and Chipped Asphalt
Mile 7.9 – HARD RIGHT – Paved Bike Path
Mile 8.5 – BEAR RIGHT followed by HARD RIGHT on to MULE HILL TRAIL – AID STATION #2 – Paved Parking Area to Double Track Trail
Mile 9 – HARD RIGHT along trail paralleling BEAR VALLEY PKWY S – Dirt Path
Mile 9.1 – HARD RIGHT – Fire Road to Double Track Trail
Mile 13 – AID STATION #3 at base of Raptor Ridge Climb – Climb is Single Track Trail to summit
Mile 13.8 – BEAR LEFT – Raptor Ridge Summit (760 ft) – Double Track Trail
Mile 15.25 – DIRT DRIVEWAY CROSSING – Stay straight after crossing driveway – Double Track Trail
Mile 15.4 – BEAR LEFT – Follow Double Track Trail along Bandy Canyon Rd
Mile 16 – ROAD CROSSING – Cross Ysabel Creek Rd and rejoin Double Track Trail on other side of intersection
Mile 16.6 – HARD LEFT – Follow Wooden Bridge paralleling Bandy Canyon Rd for .2 miles before rejoining Double Track Trail
Mile 17 – CONTINUE STRAIGHT trail becomes dirt shoulder of open road in front of farm buildings – USE CAUTION – Packed Dirt Path
Mile 17.3 – Dirt Road crossing and trail resumes – Double Track Trail
Mile 17.8 – HARD LEFT after crossing DIRT ROAD. Stay between wooden fences. – Mix of Double/Single Track
Mile 18.75 – U-TURN – AID STATION #4
Mile 20 – CONTINUE STRAIGHT trail rejoins dirt shoulder of open road – USE CAUTION – Packed Dirt Path
CONTINUE along the return route
Mile 21.5 – ROAD CROSSING – Cross Ysabel Creek Rd and rejoin Double Track Trail on other side of intersection
CONTINUE along return route
Mile 23 – CLIMB Raptor Ridge – Double Track Trail
Mile 23.7 – BEAR RIGHT – Raptor Ridge Summit – Single Track Trail
Mile 24.5 – AID STATION #5 – Base of Raptor Ridge
CONTINUE along return route – Double Track
Mile 28.3 – HARD LEFT – Trail Paralleling BEAR VALLEY PKWY S
Mile 28.4 – HARD LEFT – Follow trail away from BEAR VALLEY PKWY S
Mile 28.9 – HARD LEFT – Follow road to AID STATION #6
BEAR LEFT to rejoin return route trail as you leave Aid Station – Paved Bike Path
Mile 29.5 – HARD LEFT to remain on path – Paced Bike Path to Chipped Asphalt to Dirt Fire Road
Mile 29.75 – HARD LEFT at BRIDGE – Paved Bridge
Mile 29.97 – HARD RIGHT at end of BRIDGE – Paved Sidewalk
Mile 30.1 – HARD RIGHT to rejoin trail – Single Track Trail
CONTINUE along return route
Mile 30.8 – HARD LEFT – Double Track Trail
Continue along return route
Mile 31.4 – FINISH

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..