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Microgaming Isle of Man Marathon & Half Marathon


Ubicación Ramsey, Isle of Man

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 09 ago. 2020

Acerca de Microgaming Isle of Man Marathon & Half Marathon

he Isle of Man Marathon is one of the top 10 running events in the United Kingdom, taking place on the picturesque course in the North of the Island, nestled between England and Ireland. The Isle of Man Marathon and Half Marathon are organised by the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes’ Club.

The rolling rural roads of the countryside in the northeast corner of the Isle of Man are the home to the Isle of Man Marathon & Half Marathon, which in most years welcomes a relatively small field of participants (usually around a few hundred), but also features an intimate, friendly atmosphere that only a smaller road race can bring.

The race also features a mix of flat stretches with rolling, undulating hills, especially in the early going. Stunning Scenery and a challenging route await those who enter.

This race has a good reputation, being highly regarded for its picturesque scenery and friendly and supportive spectators.




  • 42,195km

Half Marathon

  • 21,1km

Mooragh Promenade



From the starting line near Ballacloan Stadium just off North Shore Road, those taking part in the half (which is open to both runners and walkers) set out along the hilly stretches of the race's first 5 miles, which takes participants northward along the coast, along the A10 highway (Bride Road). This first third or so of the race takes runners from the starting line near sea level to the race's high-elevation point of nearly 260 feet above sea level around the mile 4 marker. From there, the course begins a long and very gradual downhill-to-flat stretch for the rest of the course as runners make their way in a counter-clockwise direction around the loop course back to the starting area for the finish. Along the way, runners and walkers pass through what race organizers say is lovely countryside, as the rural roads criss-cross through numerous farm fields and small villages on the way back to the town of Ramsey, where the start/finish areas lie.

La información de la carrera se ha encontrado en el sitio web oficial del evento o en otras fuentes de acceso público. Consulta siempre el sitio web oficial para obtener la información más actualizada sobre la carrera. Si falta algún dato o hay algún error, envíanos un correo electrónico para informarnos..